The Day you get married is doubt, one of the most memorable days of the lives of everyone. It’s the moment that you and your spouse will celebrate the beginning of a new chapter together. And what’s an ideal way to preserve the moment rather than choosing a romantic location for your wedding?

It’s good news that you don’t have to travel far to locate an area that will help make the Big Day even more special. Everything you need to make your wedding memories can be found in India, from sun-drenched beaches and picturesque mountains to lavish palaces, ancient forts, and luxurious hotels.

Here’s A List Of The 14 Most Beautiful Wedding Locations In India Which Can Make Your Wedding Day Appear Like Something Straight From The Pages Of A Fairy Tale:

Destinations To Be Found In India

1. Udaipur, Rajasthan

Of all the places within India known to be ideal wedding venues, Udaipur consistently comes in the top spot with reasons that are well-founded. The clear blue skies, magnificent palaces, and stunning lakes provide the most stunning backdrop for a lavish wedding ceremony. You can be sure that the wedding photos you take are incredibly vibrant and colorful! The benefit is that your guests will have plenty to do when the celebrations have ended, including excursions for sightseeing and thrilling activities such as floating in Pichola Lake.

2. Jaipur, Rajasthan

With its old palaces, impressive forts, and magnificent mansions, Jaipur seems perfect for the most lavish wedding ceremonies. You can be married like queens and kings in top-quality locations that don’t lack stunning backdrops. The most impressive aspect of the ceremony would be the local mehndi-walls, pagdi-walas artists, folk dancers, sarangi musicians, and others. The best part is that guests can quickly get to Jaipur by train, air, or automobile.

3. Kerala

This sounds like an odd option. However, you’ll be amazed by how the serene and tranquil scene in Kerala will set the right mood for your marriage. It doesn’t matter if you get married on the warm beach of Kovalam or the beautiful backwaters of Alleppey; plenty of resorts will captivate your guests in just a few seconds. Include a touch of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage in your celebrations by serving South Indian fare on banana leaves and hosting a party on the traditional houseboat.

4. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ooty is a popular destination for both weddings and honeymoons. With its stunning natural beauty, pleasant climate, and range of accommodations, it’s an ideal location for couples looking to create unforgettable memories. Ooty honeymoon packages offer a range of venues, from grand ballrooms to intimate garden settings, to help couples bring their dream wedding to life. The picturesque landscapes make for stunning backdrops for wedding photos and a perfect atmosphere for a celebration with loved ones.

For couples seeking a romantic getaway, Ooty honeymoon packages offer a range of experiences to make their trip unforgettable. From long walks around Ooty Lake to exploring the stunning botanical gardens, couples can spend quality time together amidst breathtaking landscapes. The range of accommodations available, from luxurious resorts to cozy cottages, ensures that couples have a comfortable and memorable stay. With its scenic train rides, picturesque tea plantations, and cascading waterfalls, Ooty provides the perfect setting for couples to start their journey together.

5. Andamans

Do you want to tie the knot to your partner far away from the mainline in azure-colored skies, clear water, and golden sandy beaches? Consider Andaman as well as the Nicobar Islands. Although the majority of them aren’t easily accessible for tourists, Havelock Island has many seaside resorts that you can marry at. Did you know that you can even reserve an entire island resort to exchange vows against the background of the Indian Ocean? The pleasant climate in Andaman and the Nicobar Islands is all the more reason to marry her.

6. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal is a picturesque hill station in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India, and it’s a popular destination for both weddings and honeymoons. The town’s scenic landscapes, cool climate, and serene ambiance make it an ideal location for couples looking to create unforgettable memories. Kodaikanal wedding packages offer a range of options for couples to bring their dream wedding to life, including grand ballrooms, intimate garden settings, and stunning natural backdrops.

Couples seeking a romantic getaway can choose from our Kodaikanal honeymoon packages that offer a range of experiences to make their trip unforgettable. From scenic walks around the Kodaikanal Lake to exploring the town’s breathtaking botanical gardens and cascading waterfalls, couples can spend quality time together amidst stunning natural surroundings. The range of accommodations available, from luxurious resorts to cozy cottages, ensures that couples have a comfortable and memorable stay. Kodaikanal is an ideal destination for couples seeking a tranquil and intimate escape away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

7. Goa

If you’re thinking about weddings by the sea, it’s impossible that you wouldn’t want to marry your loved one in Goa. It’s such a wonderful assortment of beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets, historic churches, stunning resorts, and lush forests that you can get many different photos to use to shoot your wedding pre-wedding. It is also possible to enjoy Goa’s party spirit by hosting the mehndi and haldi celebrations in the pool, dances by the ocean, or a long night of cocktails at the beach.

8. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

What’s better than getting married with the most iconic symbol of love and genuine affection, The Taj Mahal, set against the setting of the Taj Mahal? Thrilling, right? Agra is, without doubt, an ideal location to hold a wedding destination since it can push the right buttons to spark your love for each other to bring both you and your loved ones closer when you are preparing to get married. In what is considered Agra, the Paradise of Lovers, wouldn’t this be incredible? Regarding the location in question, there are plenty of luxurious hotels and resorts in Agra.

9. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Rishikesh is among the most revered city in India, and it is possible to find it sacred to begin your journey of marriage from Rishikesh. It is thrilling to stroll along the shores of the Ganga River underneath the stunning sky. The sounds of the river flowing, the singing of mantras, and the ringing of bells will bring an element of religion to your unmatched wedding. There are numerous wedding locations in Rishikesh that you can pick from.

10. Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Are you dreaming of a stunning wedding ceremony in the mountains? Then Mussoorie certainly has the perfect postcard backdrop to have a romantic wedding. Everything about Mussoorie is romantic, with gorgeous tree-covered hills, stunning views of the sunset over the Himalayan mountains, crystal clear skies with a cool breeze, and sparkling stars at night. Feel to it. It is possible to arrive before your D-Day and have some beautiful photographs taken in the beautiful hills surrounding this hill town.

11. Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

If you’ve always dreamed of having a destination wedding but are not willing to pay for it at the wedding, you’re in the right place. Jim Corbett is just the ideal location for you. It is rapidly becoming a sought-after location for affordable weddings in India. This lush area will offer you and your spouse a perfect opportunity to enjoy one of the most memorable occasions of your life, far from the bustle and hustle that is urban. Imagine a romantic evening under an elegant mandap with forested hills, surrounded by incredible mountain air!

12. Gurugram-Manesar, Haryana

If you’re seeking to stay far away from home to marry and still get a unique wedding experience, you’ll agree! There’s a wide range of hotels and resorts in Gurgaon and Manesar, which will manage all your wedding-related needs and offer you the perfect theme for your Big Day – from royal to minimal. If you’re from Delhi or other cities in the vicinity, this is the ideal option for you!

The ideal time to have a wedding celebration in Gurugram-Manesar is always.
Although these Indian destinations made it onto our top 10 list, there are plenty of other locations across the nation that you could choose to make your vows. If you want a royal wedding, limit your search to Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Hyderabad, or Bangalore. If you wish to marry in a natural setting is something you would like to do. You can pick Shimla, Lavasa, or Alibaug. Cities such as Varanasi, Pushkar, Amritsar, Puri, and Madurai add an atmosphere of spirituality while you and your spouse have a holy wedding.

13. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Moving away from the lakes, deserts, and open oceans, the most beautiful wedding destinations in India is among the mountains. India, particularly the northern regions, is famous for their vast, fat weddings with lavish celebrations, including music and food. However, we suggest a Rishikesh Destination wedding for couples looking to be married in a serene and intimate location.

What can be more romantic than being able to tie the knot of a lifetime’s love along the sacred river Ganges amid the magnificent mountains that make up the Himalayas? Today, you can get your ceremony on the hill by planning your wedding destination in Rishikesh at the Moustache Rishikesh Riverside resort. Make your vows among the majestic mountains with the finest facilities and services at the most affordable wedding venue cost in Rishikesh. Find out more about your Rishikesh wedding venue to have the most memorable mountain wedding close to Delhi. Let your marriage stand firm like the Himalayas, and your love continues to flow forever as the Ganges river.

14. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

We are discussing a wedding destination within the Mountains. Then we have another stunning location in the Himalayas’ highlands for India’s most unique wedding destination. The majestic Himalayas surround this beautiful city that is both contemporary and traditional. Imagine being in a snow-covered landscape that reflects the rhythmic sounds of the majestic Beas river. In a peaceful setting away from the hustle and noise of the world, Moustache Manali offers you the perfect wedding location in Manali.

Get the best wedding destination packages in Manali without going through the crowded area of town. Get the most accurate rates on destination weddings in Manali along the city’s coast. Manali attracts couples who enjoy the mountains and frost and who imagine a dream getaway marriage within the Himalayas. What could be more romantic?

A destination wedding can be appealing regardless of the location. It’s a one-of-a-kind occasion. It also helps you avoid the usual Baraatis and handles the entire preparation and organization. It’s a fantastic option to relax and enjoy an event that is stress-free while celebrating the sacred ceremony with your closest family and friends. In addition, you will have an incredible opportunity to experience the destination from a new perspective. It’s the entire blog on the destination Wedding of Moustache Escapes.

End your search for the best wedding planners for your D-day!

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