A timeless piece of Indian ethnic wear, sarees come in many different forms and styles that are a reflection of our rich and varied heritage. Despite the ever-increasing popularity of Western clothing, this classic garment has managed to stay in-vogue by adapting itself to contemporary aesthetics. One of the newest variations of the Indian saree is the ‘half and half saree’, which has taken the world of ethnic fashion by storm. A popular party attire, this outfit derives its name from the contrasting dual tones it features. Read on to learn all you need to know about this unique saree type:

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How the half and half saree came into being:

1. The saree is a beloved ethnic ensemble that has stood the test of time and is adored by women across different generations. But as the modern women’s style preferences tend to be influenced by the latest fashion trends, the half and half saree was born to appeal to their distinct sartorial tastes. In terms of draping, this variant is similar to a regular saree with its distinguishing factor being the dual-toned colour scheme.

2. While most fabric materials work well with this type of saree, silk and cotton are not preferred as they are not malleable enough.

3. Although the saree has undergone numerous evolutions through the years, the half and half saree type is a comparatively newer concept.

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The components of a half and half saree:

Just like a typical saree, a half and half saree also comprises two components – the body of the saree known as the pleats, and the drape placed over the shoulder called the ‘pallu.’

1. Pleats – Pleats refer to the body of the saree that is wrapped around the waistline and drops below to the floor. In a half and half saree, this part is dyed in one hue.

2. Pallu – The pallu is the part of the saree that goes around the hips and over the shoulder. It is dyed in a totally different shade from that of the pleats.

A half and half saree is usually dyed using two bold colours that contrast each other completely. However, this has no impact whatsoever on the fabrics or work that may be done on this costume.

unique saree designs

Trending colour combinations in half and half sarees

Contrasting dual-toned colour combinations like yellow and purple, green and pink, black and red, royal blue and neon pink, olive and yellow, etc. are some of the bestselling ones in half and half sarees. Apart from sarees, these combinations are a huge hit in other ethnic outfits for women like salwar kameez as well.

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Innovations in the half and half saree

Designers have started incorporating more innovations in the half and half saree by giving the borders a different shade or pattern from that of the pleats and the pallu. Such borders are often in a shade that complements the two main colours of the saree.

So, this is everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind saree type. Whether you are shopping for a saree, a kurti set, a salwar suit, or a lehenga choli online, leading fashion brands will offer you not just superior quality but also an exhaustive variety in all.

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