Bangle mehndi designs have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. These are a perfect balance between contemporary and traditional mehndi designs. The highly stylish-looking bangle mehndi designs usually feature a round band or belt-like design around your wrist, hand, or fingers. The design usually has spaces between them to highlight the intricate design further.

Check Out These Trending Bangle Mehndi Design Ideas And Bookmark Them:

Bridal Bangle Mehndi Design

Bangle mehndi design looks exceptionally good even when applied as a bridal mehndi. You can double up the mehndi design belts to make your mehndi look intricate and hand-full. You can experiment with the width of the bangle design and can fill it up with elaborate detailing or can keep it simple.

bridal-bangle-mehndi-design bridal-bangle-mehndi-design

Explore with various styles of bridal designs as per your preference and make your bangle mehndi design stand out differently.

bridal-bangle-mehndi-design bridal-bangle-mehndi-design

Image Source: Mehndi by Pav

bridal-bangle-mehndi-designTake notes on how to flaunt your bridal mehendi for pictures!

Floral Theme Latest Bangle Mehndi Designs

Floral mehndi patterns can never go wrong! Even with bangle mehndi designs, maintaining the floral patterns makes the designs look stunning. Add various types of flowers and leaves to give it more flair.

While florals and petals might seem somewhat common, you can give an edge to your design by adding jaali design or enhancing the finger designs. You can make the floral patterns as the wide bangle mehndi designs and enhance it further with checks or jaali designs.

Here are some trending back hand mehendi designs.

Bangle Mehndi Design In Contemporary Style

The best part about bangle mehndi design is its versatility. Bangle mehndi design can be used between any pattern and it can turn into something charming. Add traditional motifs or simply minimalistic patterns, a bangle mehndi design can go with both styles seamlessly. contemporary-bangle-mehndi-design

Image Source: Henna’s Henna

contemporary-bangle-mehndi-design contemporary-bangle-mehndi-design

Arabic Patterned Bangle Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi design has been in trend for the longest time now. For those who like to keep it simple yet want a handful of mehndi design, Arabic style is your best pick. And when it is Arabic pattern in the bangle mehndi design, it looks exceptionally stunning.


Image Source: Shahariar
Image Source: Henna Belle’s

Rather than keeping it a straightway Arabic style, you can try the bangle mehndi design idea by letting the pattern work around your wrist. It looks amazing and can be an off-beat touch to the Arabic pattern mehndi.

Image Source: Mamta Saini


Image Source: Mehndi Artistica


Learn more about graphic design tools to accentuate your skills!

Highlight The Fingers With Bangle Mehndi Design

Easy to create, yet looks exceptionally striking, the bangle mehndi design on fingers is a win! Bangle mehndi designs on your fingers resembles to that of a ring or finger band which instantly accentuates your fingers.

finger bangle mehndi

finger bangle mehndi

You can surely give it a twist by turning this design into a haath phool. Keep the bangle mehndi design around the wrist while trailing a chain design towards the fingers.

finger bangle mehndi


finger bangle mehndi
Mehndi by Pav
Henna By MK

Here are some latest finger mehndi designs that we absolutely adore.

Quirky Ways To Try Out The Latest Bangle Mehndi Designs

For those who love a touch of quirkiness, and modernness to their mehndi designs, opting for off-beat designs. Give the trending bangle mehndi design a touch of your element by adding fun elements. Perfect for modern brides and bridesmaids, we have featured some quirky bangle mehndi design ideas below.

Quirky mehndi designs

Quirky mehndi designs
Image Source: Kinjal shah
Image Source: Henna By Divya

From simple to traditional and chicness, there is so much you can play around by including the bangle mehndi design amidst it!

Quirky mehndi designs Quirky mehndi designs Quirky mehndi designs

Quirky mehndi designs
Image Source: Sa’sha Designs by Tejal

 Also, check out different ways to have personalised bridal mehendi.

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