Looking for small bridal kalires to match your intimate wedding look? Fret not, because we’ve sorted it all out for you. If you’re one of those brides who’d rather dance around and enjoy freehand movements then small kaleeres are the way to go. Bridal jewellery is a lot to handle on your wedding day, especially when your arms and hands are laden with choodas and kaleeras. So if you have a choice to lessen the burden, you take it! Opt for minimalist kaliras and you’re good to go. It’s time for you to check out some gorgeous small kaleeras that you can fashion on your wedding day. 

Go Fuss-Free With Small Bridal Kalires At Your Intimate Wedding This Wedding Season- 

1. Bridal Kaliras For Minimalist Brides

The great thing about intimate weddings is that you don’t have to worry about people you hardly recognize. Usually, small weddings have only the closest family members in attendance who know you inside out. And you don’t need to dress to impress anyone or go above and beyond with your bridal trousseau. We just loved how these brides adorned petite kaleeras and aced their bridal looks. 

bridal kaleera

Amrit Photography

small bridal kalires

Safarnama Films

bridal jewellery

Gogi Studio

couple photography


bridal umbrella

I Alam Photo

kalira design

Maliram Jewellers

Take cues on how to flaunt your kaleera photos in style.

2. Multi-Tiered Small Bridal Kalires For A Statement Look

Traditionally, bridal kaleeras are long and lengthy so that when brides perform the ceremony they are easy to dangle. But off-late, they’ve become more of a style statement for many brides. It is a part of the bridal look that adds a very classic yet modern touch. And these brides certainly aced their bridal looks with their small yet eye-catching ornaments. 

stylish kaleera designs

Bride Emotions

sabyasachi lehenga

Brides of Sabyasachi

offbeat lehenga

Shradha Luthra

minimal kaleera

Reels & Frames

sea-shell jewellery

Raz Films & Photography

Jazz it up with sea-shell jewellery ideas for new-age brides.

Offbeat Kaleera Designs For Pre-Wedding Functions

3. Floral Kaleeras For Experimental Brides

Floral accessories have taken the pre-wedding trends by storm. We’ve seen many brides choosing floral accessories for their mehendi and haldi functions. And floral kaliras are a new addition to this trend. Many brides who aren’t one to shy away from taking a fashion risk have opted for floral kaleeras and aced their looks. 

floral accessories


pre-wedding jewellery

The Wedding Files

real floral kaleeras

Shutterdown Photography

Looks like real floral kaleeras are the next big thing.

4. Stunning Kaleera Designs You Can’t-Miss 

It’s the age of intimate weddings and you can’t miss the chance to hop on the trend. Your kaleeras should make you happy to style them not annoy you throughout the night. And these minimalist and classy kaleera designs are perfect for fuss-free brides. They’re stunning and lightweight which is totally a win-win in our books. What do you think?

sikh couple

Art Capture Productions

twin sister wedding

AJ Studios

small kaleera designs

Israni Photography

wedding photography

Glam By Mevi

gold mini kaleeras

Recall Pictures

father-daughter shot

Sutej Pannu

jewellery deisgns for brides

Richa Chhabra

Steal ideas for personalized kaleera designs from real brides.

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