Just a few hours south of San Francisco in the heart of California, you’ll get a glimpse of an iconic jewel, Big Sur.

Big Sur is a small town with gorgeous wedding venues and coastal localities offering beautiful views to onlookers. Over the past 50 years, these scenic views have been captured through the lens of professional Big Sur wedding photographers. The stunning photographs are a testament to countless lovebirds cherishing their most important memories with scenic backgrounds. The views are hard to miss and present the perfect opportunity to have a memorable wedding in Big Sur.  There is no shortage of stunning Big Sur wedding sites to explore.

Big Sur California Wedding Locations

Whenever one searches for Big Sur wedding venues in the central Big Sur Coast area, they find it hard to miss out on any of the countless scenic byways and highways. This area always comes on top with beautiful views in places like epic links of Pebble Beach, rugged coastline,  vineyards and farms of Carmel Valley, and tranquil redwoods of Pfeiffer.

You can either decide to have a Big Sur beach wedding, destination wedding, or an intimate elopement. In fact, there are many Big Sur wedding ceremony locations, and the choice is yours! One thing is for sure that it’s quite difficult to match wedding venues in Big Sur. Having a wedding with rugged natural beauty as a background is hard to beat for sure.

4 Gorgeous Wedding Venues In Big Sur, California

Wedding Venues in Big Sur

A Naturally Beautiful Setting at Big Sur Lodge

Just imagine your special day with a Big Sur Lodge wedding. Even more so with a setting that is surrounded by majestic redwoods. What’s more?  The tranquil Big Sur River will be a cherry on top for your special day.

Big Sur Lodge offers four beautiful Big Sur wedding venues that offer outdoor and indoor settings. Also, the venues include the Santa Lucia Room, with an accommodation capacity for 120 guests. The establishment takes special care by offering comfortable and charming accommodations. Moreover, they provide family-style rooms for your family and friends. These come with fireplaces and kitchenettes to make the stay as comfortable as possible.

The gracious staff and event coordinator at Big Sur Lodge go the extra mile in planning your special day. They always task themselves with exceeding expectations to ensure a truly memorable and special day. As such, the expert catering staff works on designing the personalized exquisite cuisine menu for your rehearsal dinner, reception, and brunch or post-wedding breakfast.

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A Dream Setting in the Anderson Canyon

Are you looking for an Anderson Canyon Big Sur wedding? Are you into stargazing? Well, we strongly recommend you consider this option. This place is the epitome of beauty, with a natural setting perfect for watching the star. Moreover, the venue is constructed out of reclaimed railways on a cliff that overlooks the ocean. What’s more? The railways present a gorgeous view from the old Anderson Bridge.

Anderson Canyon is perfect for couples craving fantasy fulfillment reinforced with meaningful songs in the background. This may well be the dream setting you’re looking for.

A Destination Wedding For Visionaries, Seekers, And Romantics At Ventana

Are you searching for a luxury destination wedding in Big Sur, CA? Well, we have got you covered too. Ventana offers an experience that is the embodiment of luxurious space. Ventana is located on the 160 magnificent acres of the rugged pacific coast with both purposeful and private activities. Moreover, the expansive balconies in the 59 secluded suites with countless amenities in the natural splendor are a sight to behold.

If you’re looking for perspective-based emotional connection, romance, or solitary reflection, this is the venue for you. This Big Sur area helps you define a unique path for yourself and others around you in a dynamic environment. This is made possible by the presence of crashing sea, nurturing environment, towering redwood forests, and meaningful relationships.

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Gorgeous Wedding Venues For Intimate Elopements

An Intimate Dream Elopement at Stonepine Estate

The Stonepine Estate offers the perfect dream setting for a couple wishing to have a memorable intimate Big Sur wedding or elopement. With 400 acres in the renowned beauty of Carmel Valley, this Estate is a breathtaking space for your California elopement photographer to get the best pictures of your wedding and you two. The moment you enter the gate of the Estate, the magic and mystique embrace you. Stonepine excels at offering fine accommodations, weddings, gourmet dining, and special events.


California wedding venues

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You’ll find the day to be still and full of quiet comfort. The gentle leaves rustling, naturally ambient soundscape, and sun-drenched afternoons will leave you breathless. One great thing about intimate settings is that it takes the stress of hectic planning off of you. You just enjoy yourselves and live in the moment. Hence, you can make stress-free memories to cherish.

Having your intimate elopement or small wedding at this gorgeous location will surely make you share a sense of undeniable love. We are sure the ambience coupled with the feelings of love will have you hold on to each tight on your special day and for the rest of your lives.

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So, that’s it! Now, all there’s left is for you to think about wedding ideas in Big Sur and pick the option that best suits your dreams. We hope you’ll have a beautiful special day in the serene environment of Big Sur. One last thing, don’t forget to check out various Big Sur wedding packages and elopement packages from the websites before choosing the venue.

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