Eternity rings are a good choice for a birthday or an anniversary gift. Also called an infinity ring, this ring constitutes multiple diamonds joined together in a loop. The circle of gemstones is hoisted on a precious metal band. This ring has additional sparkle, as the diamonds circle around the entire finger. You can buy this classy piece of jewelry online as well. However, you need to take care of a few things while doing so.

Make Sure To Keep These Tips In Mind Before Buying An Eternity Ring Online-

1. Due Diligence

This goes without saying that you need to research a lot when buying a diamond ring online. Check all the information about the online company. Ask around to know the company’s reputation and read customer reviews. Compare prices offered by different diamond stores, but do not prefer price over quality. Also, beware of the packages or discounts that sound too good to be true.

If you are considering buying the eternity ring from Dubai, you do not necessarily have to fly to the shopping hub. You can easily purchase it online from a Dubai-based store. In these stores, every other offer might sound too ideal, but that is because diamond shopping is insanely economical in the city. However, carefully assess the quality of the gemstone and pay attention to people’s feedback.eternity ring dubai (1)

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2. Diamond’s Shape

Eternity rings have an exquisite look that owes mainly to the small diamonds circling the fingers. These diamonds have to be in the right shape for this design. Round diamonds are a popular choice for his ring. However, the oval shape also complements the design. Other shapes that make the eternity rings more beautiful include marquise cut, emerald cut, princess cut, radiant cut, and Asscher cut.

You can pick the diamond as per your liking, but be mindful of the overall look and design. You also need to consider the metal type you would be choosing, as it should complement the gemstones in a ring.

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3. Diamond’s Size

Many people believe that eternity rings have small diamonds. But there is no hard and fast rule for that. You have the room to get creative in this regard just like the diamond’s shape. If the ring accompanies other rings like an engagement or a wedding ring, you have to keep in mind their specifications.

Also, consider the metal band’s size instead of the carat weight of the diamonds. It will help you to make a more accurate choice. A thin eternity band’s width is usually 1.4mm while a bigger band can be around 3mm wide or more. As for the diamonds’ size, they range between .05 and 0.20 carats.

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4. Ring’s Size

Be mindful of the ring’s size; needless to say, it should fit your finger precisely. Know your ring’s size and tally with the size guide or size chart given on the store’s website (every good store provides a size chart on its website).

Moreover, if you are going to stack the eternity band, ensure that the size is comfortable when you wear the ring in the stacking position. You can put on any ring from your collection to assess that and check if the size is right for you in your preferred position. If you plan to wear the band above the other rings, you will need a larger band, likely by quarter or half size. Wider bands in this context are a better choice.

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5. Shipping, Insurance, and Return Policy

Apart from the customer reviews, a few things can be a telltale of the reliability of an online store. They are a store’s shipping policy and return and exchange policy. They represent how open the vendor is in their dealings and let the buyer know if an online purchase from that store is worth it.

A reliable store has a sound shipping policy where it commits to delivering the product safe and sound. Many stores provide partial insurance for the purchased item while some offer full insurance. Ideally, complete insurance is the option to go for, but it is offered by a rare few stores.

As for the return and exchange policy, always for the shop that allows returns. Some stores have a strict policy as in they allow returns in a short timeframe while some offer even 6 months. Also, check if the store is providing a guarantee/warranty for its products.

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There are many online diamond stores in Dubai where you can buy quality eternity rings at economical prices. But do not forget the above-listed things while shopping.

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