Many Sikh brides have been ditching the usual red and pink by opting for unconventional lehenga colors. And giving us some major outfit goals at the same time. Their offbeat color choices are encouraging a lot of brides to try something new and hatke. We all know how Sikh brides are known for going all out when it comes to their wedding day. But they also show us how to strike the right balance while doing so. We’re loving the new and trendy colors that they’ve incorporated into their wedding outfits. And if you’re bored of donning the reds and pinks, then take some cues from these stunning Sikh brides.

Seek Inspiration From These Sikh Brides Wearing Unconventional Lehenga Colors-

1. Sunshine Yellow Lehengas

The most eye-catching and striking lehengas that we came across were yellow bridal lehengas. The pop of yellow color looked extremely fresh and gorgeous. Not only is it an offbeat color choice but also gives your bridal look a very chic and girly touch. From bright sunny yellow to mango yellow, these brides will show you how to carry your bright lehenga on your wedding day. 

yellow lehenga

Safarsaga Films

mango colored lehenga

Shanty Photography

Also, check out these trendy and offbeat lehenga colors for brides-to-be.

2. Brides In Blue

Sikh brides sure do know how to make a statement with their unique fashion choices. You don’t normally see a bride wearing a blue lehenga for her wedding. But these brides are not ones to shy away from taking the road less traveled. Their eccentric lehenga color was definitely out of the blue. 

shaded blue lehenga

Harleen Deol

blue bridal lehenga

Kirandeep Photography

These multi-shaded lehengas are every bit stunning. 

3. Sikh Brides In Lilac 

Lilac and lavender lehengas have surely made their mark in terms of bridal fashion. But not many brides opt for a lilac outfit for their wedding. Most of them would choose to wear it for their pre-wedding function. The luxe tones of lilac add a touch of elegance to the outfits. And these brides made an excellent decision going for lilac and lavender-toned outfit. 

lilac bridal sharara

Sunny Dhiman Photography

lilac lehenge with panda prints

Sutej Pannu

happy bridal portrait

Cheema Photography

4. Unconventional Lehenga Colors

We become instant fans of brides who choose to break the monotony with their fashion choices. Whether it’s jewelry, accessories, or outfits, we love to spot quirky elements. One of these brides opted for an aubergine-colored lehenga and paired it with a contrasting mint green dupatta. While the other one wore a heavily embroidered blue lehenga. And we’re in love with them both. 

unconventional lehenga colors

Shri Gurudev Photography

aubergine lehenga color

Israni Photography

Save these contrasting dupattas for lehengas for an offbeat bridal look. 

5. Tangerine Lehengas Are All The Rage

A color that seems to be taking over the bridal lehenga hue is tangerine. Many shades of orange have been donned by several Punjabi brides. And similar to yellow lehengas, orange/tangerine lehengas also add a freshness to the bridal look. They look great with minimal work, as well as, with OTT elements. 

heavily embroidered orange lehenga

Gogi Studio

multicolored tangerine lehenga

Razz Films & Photography

Stealworthy jewelry ideas to take from Sikh brides.

6. Going Gaga Over Green Lehengas

Another unconventional yet stunning lehenga color that we’ve seen brides opting for this wedding season is green. The brides have been spotted donning green lehengas in various shades and nailing each one of them. From shades of mint, lime, emerald to even aquamarine, these brides slew their bridal look in every shade of green. 

pastel lime and gold lehenga

Mehar Photography

deep green lehenga


aquamarine sabyasachi lehenga

Brides of Sabyasachi

pastel mint green lehenga

Alfaaz Photography

Bookmark these stunning neon green lehengas that we spotted on real brides

7. Brides Wearing White For Wedding

Indian weddings don’t usually see brides wearing white wedding outfits unless it’s a Christian wedding. But you’d be surprised how beautiful white lehengas look. Many might have a misconception that white is too simple or boring. But we’ll just let these brides help you change your mind. You can opt for a white or off-white wedding outfit for minimalist elegance. 

Sabyasachi white lehenga

Karan Sidhu Photography

white bridal lehenga

Studio Kelly Photography

We’ve got some awesome intimate wedding outfit ideas for Sikh brides. 

8. Silver & Gold Lehengas

Staying true to their OTT qualities, these brides opted for silver and gold lehengas for their wedding. And with heavy embellishments as well. You can trust Sikh brides to show you how to slay your look in sparkly and blingy outfits. 

silver embellished lehenga

JD Photo Studio

sikh bride in gold lehenga

Deo Studio

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