Did you know that Paithani saree is named after the Paithan town in Aurangabad from the state of Maharashtra, where the saree was first made by hand. Paithani sarees are an essential part of every Maharashtrian bride’s trousseau and culturally very significant.

Paithani sarees are important for every Maharashtrian girl for special occasions. Originally, Paithani sarees were initially woven from Chinese silk threads and pure zari. Over the years, we have seen many brides wearing contemporary versions of this traditional weave. 

Typically, Paithani sarees are vibrant and lustrous adorned with traditional motifs like parrots, lotuses and peacocks. A real Paithani weave will always look the same on both sides of the saree. That is one distinctive feature to recognise a real Paithani saree from fakes in the market. 

Well, in case you are looking to get this traditional and gorgeous weave for your trousseau, we have got you covered. Scroll to know how much does a Paithani saree cost.  

Scroll Down And Get To Know How Much Does A Paithani Saree Cost –

Because of their delicate work and traditional hand woven techniques, these sarees often have a premium price in the market. They are made of silk and golden threads, which add to the affluent appeal of these sarees. The cost of these extremely gorgeous sarees starts from approximately INR 10,000 and goes upto INR 4,00,000.

The real Paithani sarees are handwoven while duplicate ones are machine made which are readily available in the market and thus, the difference in prices.

Paithani Saree Cost

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paithani bridal saree

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Maharashtrian bridal attire

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cost of Paithani saree

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The paithani silk saree is woven in several colors such as black light black, yellow, blue, combination of green, red, and pink and a blend of green, white, and red and a mixture of green and red among others.

In case you want to know more about Maharashtrian Paithani sarees.

Types Of Paithani Sarees You Should Know About –

1. Mor Bangdi 

This is one of the most difficult motifs to weave, and one of the oldest too. The gold zari tissue pallu has colourful akruti motifs of flowers, peacocks and mor bangdi, along with muniya motifs.

2. Ekdhoti Paithani

This paithani uses a single shuttle for the weaving of weft. However, the color of the warp yarn is different from that of the weft yarn. Ekdhoti has a narali border and simple butting such as coin and peas.

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3. Munia Brocade

Munia means parrots. This type of paithani saree has parrots woven on the pallu and in the border. Normally, the parrots are in leafy green color.

4. Lotus Brocade

Lotus motifs are used in pallu and sometimes on the border. The art on the pallu is usually flowers.

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5. Tissue Border Paithani

Paithani with tissue borders have different designs on pallu such as peacock, lotus, and parrot, among others.

6. Balgandharva Paithani

This Paithani saree has meenakari butti all over the saree.

These Maharashtrian bridal sarees not only look attractive but also allow you to move freely. Look beautiful and enjoy the most beautiful day of your life in a gorgeous saree. We are sure that you will look heavenly on your D-day too.

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