Bridal choodas are very intrinsic to any Indian bridal look and these offbeat chooda colors are bound to complete it with a bold twist. Since time immemorial we have seen brides rocking their traditional red choodas, which of course have their own undeniable charm and beauty but with changing times and bent in fashion, brides these days love to go rogue with their color play. 

Shades of pastels, whites and ivories, dark unparagoned colours are taking the center stage in their eyes and let’s be honest, red doesn’t exactly compliment each and every color. 

Therefore, we bring to you some exciting and beautiful chooda colors for brides which would be perfect for their unconventional lehengas and personalities. 

Compliment your cutesy bridal lehengas with these even more cute bridal choodas in unique colors – 

1. Peaches And Cream

As tasty as this combination looks on plate, these colors look just as festive and beautiful in terms of bridal choodas too. Many brides love carrying a sweet peach colored lehenga and we think these chooda colors would be a perfect fit for such brides. 

chooda colors

Image source – Ombre by Harsheen Tammu

peach chooda

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2. Bridal Blues

This can be your something blue for the day. Choodas in baby blue color would look extremely wonderful with a wide range of lehengas especially in shades of white, grey and dark blue. The innocence of the color makes it superbly soothing to the eyes and we are crushing over it big time.

chooda colors

Image source – Studiospart

3. Orange and Yellow Choodas For A Bright Dash Of Colors

If it isn’t red, then orange and yellow do the job of bringing with them all the festive energy just as wonderfully. The eye-catchy character of the colors make it a great option for a glamorous bridal look. 

Orange would be a great pick for lehengas with darker shaded like dark blue, brown, burgundy etc.

bridal chooda colors

Quite honestly yellow goes well with literally any color so you can totally go wacky with it.

bridal yellow chooda

4. Big Green Signal To Green Choodas This Season

This green monochromatic look is such a vibe that it lives rent free in our heads. Something like this in dark green or even light green or mint green would be a style statement in itself so don’t hold yourself back when it comes to green this year.

bridal green chooda

5. Pinks For The Barbie Brides

And no we are not talking about the overused hot pink color but some delicate pastels and bold dark magentas that are bound to steal your heart. 

These cute light pink choodas would look great with a varied range of colors, especially with peaches and all the different pastel shades. 

pink chooda

chooda colors f

Image source -Deepikas Deep Clicks

The fierce energy oozing out of this look and those choodas would totally make the bold brides go gaga for this dark magenta shade.

bridal pink chooda

Image source – Sunny Dhiman Photography

How about these  gorgeous pink lehengas that we spotted on real brides.

6. Whites Are Still A Winner

For many unfortunate years people avoided or kept the use of white to minimal when it came to weddings but fortuitously whites are in the game now. Red choodas too are often paired up with whites, so why not go with a totally white chooda set? Trust us on this, they look spectacular. 

bridal white chooda

Image source -Tamanna Rooz

bridal chooda color

Take inspiration from these real brides who rocked white choodas on their weddings.

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