While you take proper care of your hair and skin, your nails too require attention and these nail care tips are easy to follow. Yes, manicures do help your nails look better but these tips that can help you keep your nails healthy at home are truly the best. If you are a person who is fond of painting their nails or even have a bad habit of biting them, these easy techniques will help you keep them healthy and shiny.

healthy nail care

Make sure you do these tricks and tips daily to have those perfect nails that will surely grab all the attention. So, take down notes as we give you all the details.

These Amazing Nail Care Tips Will Surely Help You Keep Your Nails Healthy At Home –

1. Keep Your Nails Clean And Remove Old Nail Polish

Make sure that your fingernails are very clean and that there is no dirt around them. After removing the nail paint with a remover, you can also scrub them which will remove all the dirt and exfoliate the dead skin.

Nail Care Tips

2. Cut And File Nails At Regular Intervals

Just like it is important to trim your hair, cutting and filing nails is important too. Make sure you cut them after every 2 weeks and while filing, always file in one direction for maintaining the consistency. These help them to keep strong and prevent them from catching on things like clothing or furniture.

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3. Soak Nails

After filing and cutting nails, it is always recommended to soak nails in water which not only soften cuticles but will also loosen dead skin, dirt and dust left over after filing. Clean your nails and the skin around them gently using a nail brush.

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4. Moisturise Your Nails Properly

Moisturising your nails is considered very important as our nails are very delicate and tend to break easily. You can use hand creams, oils or other lotions to keep your nails shiny and healthy. Applying cream to your nails, makes them strong and less brittle.nail care trends

Self hair care routine, you must follow for shiny and better hair.

5. Take Proper Care Of Cuticles

Cuticles are the most delicate part of your nails and you must make sure to take care of them because they break very easily. If you find a cuticle hanging, cut it immediately as it can get dry, damaged, and infected. It’s important to care for the entire nail area and keep it clean so that your nails stay healthy.

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6. Apply Base Coat

Base coat basically acts as a protective barrier and helps your nails from any kind of damaging effects. It will also give your polished nails a more even texture and enhance the color of the nail paint. For extra shine and extra protection, this is important.

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7. Apply Top Coat

After you apply the base coat and your nail paint, you must again apply a layer of top coat as it seals in the nail polish’s color and adds a much-needed gloss finish. They create a barrier surface preventing chipping of the nail polish and giving it a gloss-shine look. A good top coat can keep your nail paint shine for a longer duration.

home care tips for nails

DIY skin care routine you must adhere to for a glowing looking skin.

So, now that you have all the information on keeping your nails healthier and stronger, you must follow these easy-peasy tricks at home and we bet your nails will be doing the talking. Don’t miss out on any step as each of them are very important and thus will help you make your nails look even more pretty.

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