What are weddings without some quirky and fun personalised elements? Well, we have found this amazing brand which can help you add the right amount of drama and edgy look to your bridal avatar with its hand painted wedding footwear.

Gone are times when bridal shoes options were restricted to the classic heels and juttis. Now brides are all going out bold and experimental with her footwear designs. Afterall, it is a once in a lifetime occasion and you deserve to look your best from head to toe. Check out Zubiya- a customized hand painted footwear brand which has a stunning collection of personalised bridal sliders, heels, wedges and what not. Their colorful and quirky footwear designs are worth capturing and calls for a fun-filled photoshoot.

Scroll Down To Know More About Zubiya: A First Ever Hand Painted Wedding Footwear Brand For Couples In India

Established in 2013 by Priyanka Gusain, Zubiya is a Delhi based home grown footwear brand with an exclusive collection of hand painted wedding footwear for bride, bridesmaids and grooms. 

Turning her love for art and painting into something more than just a hobby was how Zubiya was born. Priyanka was sceptical and nervous at first while she came up with an idea of painting the footwear to make them quirky and stand out from the crowd. Little did she know that her idea will become the reason behind millions of smiles.

Brand Mantra Behind Hand Painted Wedding Footwear i.e ZUBIS

With Zubiya, Priyanka aims at offering a unique and personalized experience to her clients by painting designs keeping in mind the smallest of details. Her mantra is to replace the usual boring footwear designs with her splash of colors and quirky designs  (call them Zubis)  which are all about including personal experiences like travel and nostalgic moments, fun quotes and motifs.

Brand USP

Zubiya specialize in water resistant footwear which are specially designed using freehand painting style i.e. without the use of stencils or drafts. Therefore, the brand is open for customization which will help you add personalized elements in your wedding together with slaying them in complete style. Yayy!

Don’t Miss Checking Out These Top Zubi Designs Spotted On Zubiya Brides!

1. Personalized Zubis For Bride And Bridesmaids For A Fun Photoshoot.

bridesmaid favors2. The One For The Cutest Bride Out There!

Hand Painted Wedding Footwear, juttis3. The One For All The “Bridechillas” Out There!

Hand Painted Wedding Footwear

4. How About Twinning With Your BAE In These Customized Hand Painted Wedding Footwear.

Hand Painted Wedding Footwear5. Make It Official With These “Miss To Mrs” Zubis.

Hand Painted Wedding Footwear6. Gorgeous Bridal Slippers And Slider Designs With “Pataka Dulhan” Painted On Them!

Hand Painted Wedding Footwear personalised slippers

Price Points: Their bridal collection starts at INR 999/- and goes up to INR 2,599/-.

C’mon head to their website now and start shopping already. (Let me get yourself a Pair of ZUBIS And get you ZUBED!)

They are also available on Instagram.

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hand painted footwear

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