Popular Marathi actress Sonalee Kulkarni took everyone by surprise when she shared pictures from her engagement ceremony with fiancé Kunal Benodekar on her official Instagram page. Well, it was Sonalee’s birthday yesterday i.e. on 18th May and we loved how the actress gave a mind-blowing return gift to her fans by making her engagement official.

Well, if you are wondering that the actress planned it all during the lockdown, you are completely mistaken.

Check out all the deets from the engagement of Sonalee Kulkarni with Kunal Benodekar here:

The engagement ceremony of Sonalee Kulkarni and Kunal Benodekar was a traditional Marathi affair which took place long before the Coronavirus hit India. It was on 2nd February in Dubai, when the couple decided to exchange the rings with their close friends and family in attendance. 

Sonalee Kulkarni engagement

Sonalee Kulkarni engagement

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On the occasion of her birthday, the actress came forward to reveal her secret engagement by sharing pictures from the ceremony. She wrote, “Before my birthday ends, I want to mark it via creating a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Introducing my fiancé Kunal Benodekar! आमचा ०२.०२.२०२० ला साखरपुडा झाला, आणि आमचा हा आनंद तुम्हा सगळ्यांसोबत वाटण्यासाठी आजच्या पेक्षा योग्य दिवस असूच शकत नाही असं मला वाटतं… आपले शुभाशीर्वाद कायम पाठीशी असू द्या…!!!”

Sonalee Kulkarni engagement

Congratulations to the couple on their engagement. P.S. Can’t wait to see Sonali Kulkarni marriage!

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