We have always admired the ethereal Pakistani brides and their beauty, it’s time now to drool over these handsome and drop-dead gorgeous Pakistani grooms. These Pakistani grooms are bold, sassy and have defined Asian groom wear with their unconventional and classy choices.  From their personality to their attire, everything is worth taking inspiration from. Grooms-to-be, bookmark these trends and get ready to kill everyone with your jaw-dropping looks.

Let’s give your bride-to-be something to be amazed at as she will not expect you to dress this amazingly. Pakistani grooms have a charm that is unmatchable and we are sure these will make you look tip-top from head to toe.

These Pakistani Groom Trends Are Here To Give You All The Chills –

1. The Trend Of Pathani Salwar.

We know how amazing you guys look in these pathani salwars and what better than these easy-breezy salwars to wear on your mehendi or haldi function?

Pakistani Grooms

Image Source: Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

Can’t take our eyes off this handsome groom wearing pathani salwar and sherwani.

groom inspirations

Image Source: Palwasha Minhas

Woah! Don’t they look so handsome in these gorgeous pathani salwars?

Pakistani outfits

Image Source: Palwasha Minhas

2. Pakistani Grooms And Their Oh So Beautiful Dupattas.

We so love how these Pakistani grooms carry their dupattas with their sherwani. It makes them look all the more royal and we can’t help but adore them.

groom dupattas

Image Source: Sania Maskatiya

This groom wore a red sherwani with a raw silk dupatta and oh he is giving us some major groom goals.

Pakistani Grooms

Image Source: Nomi Ansari

sherwani with dupatta

Image Source: Nomi Ansari

Or this Banarasi shawl that added more charm to the groom’s look.

Pakisatni ideas

Image Source: Azeem Sani

Also, see the difference between Indian brides Versus Pakistani brides.

3. Unique Safa Ideas

You will love the fact that they have such innovative safa ideas that are so hard to ignore. Also, we bet you will ditch the cliche safa tying when you see their amazingly draped safas.

safa ideas

Image Source: Palwasha Minhas

Pakistani Grooms

How about this readymade safa that has caught our attention and will make everyone’s heads turn around.

safa ideas

Image Source: Memoirz

You must check out these unique ways to wear a safa.

4. For Those Royal Looks

You must have noticed that Pakistani grooms take their looks very seriously. The simpler the attire, the more classy the look. We just love this groom’s dapper look in this stunning white sherwani.

Pakistani Grooms

Image Source: Fatima Tariq Photography

Or this groom whose jacket is commendable.

groom outfit ideas

Image Source: Fas Design Studio

5. Love For Florals

Who said floral outfits are only for brides? This groom nailed his look in this floral Nehru jacket and we are head over heels in love with his outfit. 

Pakistani Grooms

Image Source: Fantography

Get inspired by these grooms in floral wedding outfits.

Another one who opted for a floral Nehru jacket with a gorgeous shawl that has our hearts.

Pakistani Grooms

Image Source: Warrior And The Gypsy

Oh, such a pretty color, and that embroidered floral Nehru jacket is just WOW.

nehru jacket ideas

Image Source: Fatima Tariq Photography

Consider these stores and designers for groom wear under 30K.

6. Colored Outfits

Have you ever noticed that Pakistani grooms are so experimental with colors and their outfits are not just black or white?

groom outfit

Image Source: Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

He just proved that red is not only for brides but for grooms too and he sure nailed this outfit. Don’t you think so?

Pakistani grooms

yellow Pakistani sherwani

Image Source: Nomi Ansari

Also, you should definitely know about these exquisite Pakistani groom wear designers.

7. Fully Embroidered Jackets

Who thought grooms would be so fashion-conscious? Well, we absolutely love the outfit of these Pakistani grooms and cannot stop admiring them and their amazing outfits.

Pakistani Grooms

groom outfits

Image Source: FAS Design Studio

8. Pakistani Juttis That Always Steals The Show.

How super cool is this groom who coordinated his outfit with his juttis? Totally adore his look.

groom juttis

Image Source: O Shoot

Another groom who kept his sherwani coordinated with his juttis and we just love their looks.

Pakistani Grooms

Image Source: Yogesh Dabbas

Well, we know that these Pakistani groom trends have given you major FOMO but not to worry as we have shortlisted the best for you. It’s time you seek some inspiration from these grooms and kill your fiance with those dapper looks on your d-day. She surely would be so happy and surprised to see you dress like this and what better day to surprise her than your wedding day.

These Pakistani brides are setting some major goals, and you need to check them out.

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