We have always admired the brides of Sabyasachi and its time now to drool over these handsome gay couples of Sabyasachi. As much as we drool over Sabyasachi brides, these grooms of Sabyasachi have surely taken our breath away with their dapper looks. Don’t you agree?

We all know that deep inside, grooms too want to kill everyone with their looks and who better than Sabyasachi to give those dapper looks.These gay grooms look exceptionally handsome and we are head over heels in love with them. We admire them for celebrating their love with their near and dear ones without any hesitation because well, Love is Love.

Check Out These Gay Couples Of Sabyasachi Who Rocked Their Outfits –

1. Romit Deb And Walter Badillo In Sabyasachi.

Totally amazed by their courage to celebrate their affection for each other irrespective of society’s judgments. 

Gay Couples Of Sabyasachi

Walter Badillo’s fully embroidered sherwani is to die for and we just can’t stop gazing at how royal Romit looks in that black sherwani with that gorgeous stole.

sabyasachi outfits

sherwani ideasVendor Details:

               Venue – Hotel Palacio Villapanés

              Photographer – Niccolò Guasti

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2. Kasey Francis Espinoza And Rudy E Portobanco As Gay Grooms Of Sabyasachi.

How nice is it that this couple decided to wear black and white sherwani for their big day and boy don’t they look handsome?

Gay Couples Of Sabyasachi

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Breaking all stereotypes the gay couple just rocked their wedding attires and we totally admire them. The couple makes us believe that love is love and it does not see any gender, race or cast.

gay grooms

Gay Couples Of SabyasachiVendor Details:

   Venue – Biltmore Hotel

               Photographer – Leygh Photo

These grooms prove that weddings are not just bride centric but groom centric too and let’s be honest they do look adorable together. Don’t they? They are surely an inspiration for the LGBTQ community and everyone should have the right to celebrate their love with whomsoever it is. These gay couples of Sabyasachi have just raised the bar high for all grooms and they should be a major inspiration for 2020 grooms.

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