A smashing and rocking sangeet on a budget? Sounds like almost impossible, right? And, why not, after all, it is one of the most awaited pre-wedding function in every Indian wedding. It’s time when the wedding celebration pretty much turns into a face-off between Ladkiwale and Ladkewale…

Also, let’s be honest, wedding celebration would turn all boring without some naach gaana and fun fight between the two sides because of Aa Dekhe Zara Kisme Kitna Hai Dum? 😛 And, if you think that these fun moments in a wedding only come with blowing truckloads of money, you are totally mistaken!

Yes, you read it just right. It’s true that planning a wedding isn’t a cakewalk and is an expensive affair. But, since we always keep our promise by making sure that you have the most kickass wedding ever no matter what..here are some practical and easy peasy tips for you to have a budget sangeet.

Don’t miss planning one because hosting a sangeet on a budget is possible!

1. Combine Your Pre-Wedding Functions

We know for a fact that there are too many pre-wedding celebrations to plan and spend on, which makes it all a costly affair. So, how about combining your functions and hosting them all at once? For example, you can combine your mehendi and sangeet ceremony or even merge it with the cocktail night. What say, guys? It will reduce your cost of hosting separate functions as you will be doing it all together!

Budget Sangeet Decor Ideas

Image Source: Studio Snapster by Mukesh Vyas

2. Choose The Venue Wisely

Suggesting that you host your sangeet at home would be impractical. However, we do suggest to book a venue smartly where you need not spend much on decorations and stage installations. You can look at booking clubs, bars, and restaurants. 

sangeet decorations

3. DIY Sangeet Decor

Since it is one of the peppiest wedding celebrations, your creativity and quirky decor hacks can do wonders. Not only it will help you plan your sangeet on a budget but will also add a personalized touch to your celebration. P.S your guests will love you for this as they will have some really backgrounds and photobooth options to click pictures.

DIY Sangeet Decor

Image Source: Jashim Jalal

4. Skip Hiring A Professional DJ

Hire the basic music equipment and create your own playlist of dance songs. Don’t miss assigning someone the job of a DJ probably one of your friends or cousins who is good at it. After all, having a DJ from your family has its own perks- he/she will only play the songs you all love dancing at. It also means non-stop music and dhamaka even after the clock strikes 12!

Sangeet on A budget,wedding dj

ShaadiWish Tip: You can even hire dholwalas to create that energetic ambiance for your guests and save big by not renting music equipment.

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5. Ditch Professional Choreographers

Making YouTube your choreographer will also help you plan a sangeet on a budget. Nowadays, there are so many choreographers and dancers who share some easy peasy choreography steps on all the latest dance numbers. So, why spend money by hiring a professional choreographer?


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6. On Spot Surprise Couple Dance

Let’s be honest, those choreographed couple performances look way too filmy giving guests no actual chills and feels. In fact, the couple should be asked to perform on random songs which will boost the excitement levels in everyone.

sangeet ideas,couple dance

Image Source: Jodi clickers

7. Plan Games With No Investments

After all, it’s a face-off! How about keeping your guests engaged with some fun games with no add on logistics like dumb charades and musical chairs. You can even keep a theme for your guests to dress up accordingly and add much-needed enthusiasm.

family games for Sangeet

Image Source: Mausam pictures

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