It’s always a mixed bag of feelings for a bride-to-be while she walks down the aisle and Mohey from the house of Manyavar has perfectly portrayed these emotions with Alia Bhatt all dolled up in a stunning bridal avatar!

Getting married is a life-transforming decision for every bride-to-be. And, so a lot of emotions are attached to this very important day in a woman’s life. Sometimes she is brimming with love and excitement, other times it is the nostalgia that strikes her hard making her all emotional. Well, it is obvious that a bride-to-be will go through a roller coaster of emotions, as she is forging a new life and yet has her cord firmly tied to her parents. But as they say, the show must go on and so these emotions should not mean dwelling into second thoughts.

This #DulhanWaliFeeling, which is universal to all brides-to-be is very aptly expressed by Alia Bhatt, who is slaying it in a dazzling rani pink bridal lehenga from the latest designer collection of Mohey. She is looking every bit of eternal wearing a heavily embellished lehenga which she further styled with a double dupatta draping. Not to miss, her gorgeous contrasting bridal jewellery lending her a sassy bridal look! 

Well, check out the latest campaign of Mohey who is introducing Alia Bhatt as their new brand ambassador and muse with the perfect #SeesawWaliFeeling!

So, people get ready to hold your breath as we introduce, Alia Bhatt’s first look in a stunning Mohey’s bridal lehenga, as she is walking down the aisle with her dramatic expressions. Catch her doubt herself, pump herself up, getting emotional and back to calming herself down in a monologue. 

With each and every step towards her groom, she experiences a surge of emotions. In this overwhelming moment, she is caught up with a million thoughts spinning in her head and engulfing her in a seesaw wali feeling. Nostalgic, anxious, excited, emotional, confused and overwhelmed, all at once. But, for every thought, Alia Bhatt has the sassiest answer making her break all the stereotypes of being a typical bride. At first, she is skeptical of looking perfect. But, soon exclaims “Of course, lehenga dekha hai mera?” She then rejects the idea of being a shy bride because that’s not her. We loved her powerful individual identity call! Doubting her decision of getting married, we are totally impressed by the way she calls her groom the #bestgroomever. She then feels nostalgic about missing her father and suddenly changes her mood to say “Relax, rone wali nahi hu, makeup kharab ho jayega” and that’s how Alia Bhatt embraces the #DulhanWaliFeeling with her bubbly swag- after all, it’s celebration time!

Alia Bhatt Alia Bhatt Bridal lehenga

P.S. Loving the great messages behind Mohey’s latest campaign that you too must embrace just like Alia did:

1. You are beautiful. You knew today would be a little tricky. Hang tight, Love. You’re walking in the right direction. Just keep walking!

2. It’s okay not to’s okay to make sure that you don’t spoil your makeup…it’s okay to not feel overwhelmed and just be in the moment!

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Shivangi Goel

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