Yes, you read it right, Rakhi Sawant recently confirmed her wedding to UK based NRI and we are not surprised. Rakhi Sawant who always enjoys public attention by landing herself into new controversies is yet again back in the news, this time because of the wedding. The latter herself shared a few pictures on her Instagram handle wearing a bridal chooda and sindoor, which have been creating havoc on social media for quite some time now. The celeb at first denied rumors that she is married, by calling it a bridal photoshoot.

However, she now confirmed that she did get married on 20th July at JW Marriott, Mumbai and that it was a close family affair. Rakhi Sawant also shared that their love story grew over Whatsapp and that it on Whatsapp itself that Ritesh proposed marriage. She also shared that her husband works with Donald Trump’s company and that her visa is under process and she will soon be shifting to US.

Curious already to know how this celeb looked as a bride?

Check out Rakhi Sawant wedding pictures here:

1. Rakhi Sawant got married according to both Hindu and Christian wedding rituals and check out how she is showing off her red chooda in her white wedding dress!

Christian bride2. Now that’s the Rakhi Sawant we could never imagine her to be! (Seems like she’s gotta impress her mother-in-law)

Rakhi Sawant Rakhi Sawant indian bride

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3. Post-wedding pictures be like! (She surely knows how to grab everyone’s attention, this time with her bridal mehendi hands, engagement ring and sindoor!)

rakhi sawant

Well, in between everything, we are so very curious to see her husband, Ritesh who for now seems like her imagination! (PS: According to her, Ritesh is not a media person and does not want to come in front of the camera. Whereas she loves media. A perfect match indeed!)

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