Every bride-to-be dreams of having the most beautiful mehndi designs on her hands with her groom’s name hidden in them. And, not to forget how they secretly pray that the colour of their mehendi turns out to be dark. Because there’s an old saying according to which the darker your henna, the more your husband will love you. However, most women are clueless about how to make their mehndi darker, apart from the traditional lemon juice-sugar combination. And, also with so much fun added to mehendi ceremony nowadays, girls have no patience to sit with sticky hands, waiting for it to take effect on their mehndi.

How long generally the mehndi designs last?

The mehndi designs generally last between 1 and 4 weeks depending on the following factors:

1. Skin Type

Usually, People who have dry skin get long-lasting mehndi designs.

2. Quality Of Henna: Natural Over Chemical Henna

Natural henna will have a much darker and long-lasting colour, compared to one with added chemicals. Natural henna is initially light orange and then darkens considerably after a day or two. That is why it is always recommendable to get mehndi done 2 days before the big event.

mehndi designs

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3. Climatic Conditions

Generally, mehndi gets darker and lasts longer in warm and humid weather.

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4. How You Take Care Of Your Mehendi

Follow these do’s and don’t’s of getting darker mehndi shade and making it last longer.

  • Leave mehendi for a long time: It is advised to keep your mehendi for atleast 6 hours or more. You can even keep it overnight by covering your mehendi with socks.
  • Don’t Blow Dry Your Mehendi: Let your mehndi dry naturally. Using a blow dryer can make your mehndi bled away ruining your mehndi design.

mehndi designs

Image Source: KB Photography

  • Avoid Any Contact With Water:  If you really want to make your mehendi last longer, don’t remove your mehndi with water. Scrub it off with a butter knife instead. Post removing your mehendi, try and wash hands as little as possible or your mehndi design will fade away.
  • Moisturize Your Hands And Feet After Removal Of Mehendi: Protect your mehndi with a layer of coconut oil, cocoa butter, or mango pickle oil.
  • Avoid Skin Exfoliation: Don’t wax, scrub or massage your hands and legs so that your skin layers do not peel off and your mehndi lasts longer.
  • Fumes Of Clove: Take few cloves and heat them on a Tawa. After a few minutes, run your hands over the fumes of clove which helps the mehndi to penetrate in the skin and hence gives a darker and long-lasting colour.

mehndi designs

Image Source: The Picture Patch India

  • Balms And Vicks Vapourub: Rub your hands with balm or Vicks Vapourub as soon as you remove your mehndi. Rubbing these products generate heat which helps in darkening mehndi designs.

You should follow these tips in combination for the best results. 

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