Floral jewellery for brides has been the biggest game changer in recent years. Who had thought that flowers can not only beautify the wedding decor but a bride as well? Well, nowadays we hardly see any bride who is not styling floral jewellery with her mehendi or haldi outfit. Not only do flowers look absolutely stunning with a dose of freshness and fragrance but also provide relief from those heavy bridal earrings and balis.

From Lilly to orchards, rose to marigold you can choose any kind of flower to glam up your bridal look. Adorn floral jewellery for your mehendi or haldi ceremony and create a pretty welcoming and subtle look. 

But, let’s know everything about floral jewellery for brides before!

Types of Floral Jewellery For Brides

Floral jewellery doesn’t always have to be made from fresh flowers. One can choose to wear artificial floral jewellery made up of gota, pearls and beads.

floral jewellery for brides

Image Source: Makeup By Anumakwana

Floral jewellery for brides can be worn in the following forms:

floral hathphool

Image Source: What Knot In

floral jewellery for bridesImage Source: Magic Motion Media


  • Fresh flower jewellery needs to be worn on the same day otherwise the flowers will lose their freshness and will turn dry. 
  • Dry flowers can be preserved for later use. 
  • Jewellery made out of gota is also a nice option but always remember to keep it classy and light. Do not overdo it. 

Eco- Friendly And Cost Effective Bridal Accessory

Unlike precious bridal jewellery which costs you a ton, floral jewellery is always a cheaper and smarter option. Not only will it enhance your bridal look but is environment-friendly as well. 

floral jewellery for brides

Image Source: Paran Singh Photography

Colourblock Floral Jewellery With Your Bridal Outfit

Make sure your floral jewellery stand out from the rest as you wear it in contrast with your bridal outfit. 

floral jewellery for brides

Image Source: Prune India

How To DIY Floral Jewellery?

How about DIY floral jewellery? Well, it can be a memorable experience spending some time to let your creativity ooze out for your special day. 

Material Required To DIY Floral Jewellery

  • Thread and needle
  • Fresh flowers
  • Stones
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Beads
  • Gota

floral jewellery for brides

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The New Trend Of Floral Kaleera

Kaleeras are every Punjabi bride’s jewellery essential which she wears on her wedding day. Nowadays, brides are opting for fresh and scented floral kaleeras instead of the usual gold kaleeras. These floral kaleeras not only attract everyone’s attention but also are easy for the bride to carry as they won’t be stuck with the bridal lehenga.

floral kaleera

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photogrpahy

Well, the trend of floral jewellery for brides is here to stay. So, check out these stores in Delhi which sell the prettiest floral jewellery for brides here.

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