Dear Bride-To-Be, searching for the latest mehendi design? Well, we recently came across a bride who got “memes” and “bacon” written on her mehendi. Wondering why? Well, forget the matrimonial websites, chat rooms, family connections and destiny because “Memes” are the new matchmakers these days. Confused?

Meet Praveen Balachander and Dipti Mangottil, a couple from Chennai, who recently got married. You will be surprised to know that the “memes” played cupid for their unique love story. Want to know their amazing and inspiring web love saga?

Brides-to-be, bookmark this latest mehendi design which depicts this couple’s surreal love story:

How Did The Couple Meet?

With social media being an important part of our everyday life, the couples’ common friend used to tag them in the same memes. And that is how Dipti got to know her husband-to-be.  Very soon the two became friends on Facebook. The smart-age love began and there was no looking back.

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The Connect of Common Interests

It is said that common interests are very important in a relationship. So, “memes” and “bacon” were the two obsessions that drew them together and culminated their love into marriage. (Who says Memes can only make us laugh? Well, they are capable of much more!)

From Web to Wedding

Cupid struck and soon they realized it was time to make it official. The couple got married and it was obvious for them to honour and incorporate what brought them together. The ‘memes’ and ‘bacon’ became their special guests and were included in the part of their wedding ritual. The bride’s henna clad hands with ‘MEMES’ and ‘BACON’ very much indicate that. Yep! the latest mehendi design we were talking about!

latest mehendi design

Balachander wrote about it on his Instagram post, “What did I ever to do deserve @dijonnaise_mangotti? (FYI, we actually met through meme. And bacon, well, it’s the grease that got us moving.)”

A Twist To The Tradition

It was not the husband’s name, his initials or letter-scatter for Dipti, to add to her mehndi design. Infact what the edgy bride added to her mehndi were the words ‘MEMES’ and ‘BACON’. She added a new twist and personalized her mehendi by documenting her entire relationship in just two words!

latest mehendi design

Until now ‘Memes’ was just a part of social media. But now it goes far beyond. We are totally in love with the illustrations of ‘MEMES’ and ‘BACON’ on the bride’s hands. So, brides-to-be, got any ideas as to what the latest mehendi design would be for your D-Day?

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