Moving in with your boyfriend is one big leap of faith and can be a landmark in any relationship. Both of you might have been in a relationship for days together but this is very different. Packing all your stuff and moving in with your boyfriend sounds pretty romantic and all but, hello girls reality check is important!!

You and your boyfriend have come a long way since your first date. From being two strangers in love to a couple with a steady relationship, we are sure that your journey has been incredible. But, the relationship is much more than all the love and romantic moments you shared together. It is more realistic and practical now. Don’t you agree?

And, before you plan to go ahead in your relationship, this moving in with your boyfriend checklist will give you a reality check:

1. Money Will Matter

Money is one thing that makes most people uncomfortable. No matter how open you are with your partner, discussing money wouldn’t be a piece of cake. If you are planning to move-in with your boyfriend, you have to make sure that you are comfortable to talk about it. You must discuss the finances well before you pack your bags.


2. You Will Miss Your ‘Me’ Time

Living together will be great for your relationship as it will help you to bond on a different level but this also means that you will have to compromise on your ‘me’ time. You will have each other’s company all the time. If you are someone who enjoys solitary moments more than being with someone then you should consider this point before moving in with your boyfriend.

3. Mind The Guests

So far your house was your friends’ house too. They could ring the bell at any hour and raid the fridge. Things will not be the same once you start living with your boyfriend. Your space is now his space as well. Whether he is comfortable with your friends or not, he would appreciate if they don’t hang out with you two everyday at your house. You will have to set some boundaries.

4. Your Priorities Will Change

Looking back at the  time when you were single and compare it with your present. You haven’t realized it but you have changed a lot. You will change more once you start living with your boyfriend. Your prime focus will be your relationship with your boyfriend and that will affect the other things in your life. If you are ready to give your best to your relationship then you should make the move.

5. The Dynamics Of Your Relationship Will Change

You must have heard it a thousand times that relationship changes when you start living with a person. This happens because our personalities change. There will be more staying in than going out, your goals will change and the number of texts will decrease. You both will evolve together and will have to adapt more to make the relationship work.

6. Knowing Each Other Inside Out

Moving in with your boyfriend will definitely bring you and your partner closer and you will get to explore each other’s best side but that’s not all. You two will get to know about each other’s weird and not so pretty habits as well. So, move-in only when you are comfortable in being truly yourself in front of your partner.

7. Romance Will Be More Fun

Now when you will be staying together you will enjoy cuddling to each other and romancing on your days off. You might ditch your outings and would prefer a cosy date at your home together. And, believe it or not home dates are more fun than outings.

8. The Rose-Colored Glasses Will Come Off

Your boyfriend has seen you wearing makeup and without it as well. You have worn your finest dress and your baggy lower too in front of him but we know that there are many daily routine secrets of yours that he doesn’t know. All the face packs, bleach sessions, struggle with wax strips and razor might be too real for him. So, be ready for that.

This moving in with your boyfriend checklist will help you experience and prepare you both for future. These things will bring you closer but will also help you test the waters. Moving in will come with its own ups and downs but this is the next step that you should consider if you are hoping for a long lasting relationship.

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