Dear Grooms-to-be, we are aware that your engagement/wedding day is as important for you as it is for the bride. While brides are always seen to be well organized with their checklist for their big day, grooms are seen to be all chill about it. Well, well, well, no stress and all chill sometimes make jack land up in big troubles! Not sure what we are talking about? Well, we came across this new wedding song of the year 2019 which gave us some lessons on how not to mess up your big day.

So, grooms-to-be, take inspiration from this video and don’t mess up your engagement/wedding day just like he did:

1. Double check your wedding venue details.

There are many possibilities that there is more than one wedding venue with the same name. Make sure you are aware where your dulhaniya is waiting for you!

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2. Don’t trust your friends like always!

We felt sorry for this groom-to-be when his friend took him to the wrong venue. It was Neemrana fort in Patiala and not Jaipur’s Neemrana.

And, their bad luck didn’t end there. On the way back to Patiala, their car had a puncture and Boom! They were again stuck helplessly in the middle of the highway! Somehow the groom reaches the venue after taking rides and hiring a private airplane and tada! Happy Ending!sd

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But, isn’t it all surreal? Because you are definitely not getting any private airplane this soon! Movies and video albums depict a reel life which is far away from reality. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t take lessons from the same. So, dear grooms-to-be, be extra careful, with such little details for your big day because you definitely don’t want to keep your love waiting for you!

Watch this romcom song by Neeti Mohan here:

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