Search the world from pole to pole but you won’t ever come across anything better than Farah Khan Fine Jewellery. Farah Khan staged one of the most appreciated bridal jewellery collection at The Vogue Wedding Show 2018, Taj Palace, New Delhi . The 6th edition of the coveted wedding show took everyone’s breath away when models wearing Farah Khan’s jewellery made an appearance. The opulent bridal collection presented a rare combination of bold and feminine. Farah based her latest collection on flamboyant and coloured gemstones which are favoured by the Indian royalty. Farah is a storyteller who uses rubies, emeralds and diamonds instead of ink and paper. In an exclusive interview, she shared everything that a bride must know about wedding jewellery

Q. What role do you think social media/digital content plays in fashion today?

Social media has extremely influenced the customers today. They now follow leading icons and public influencers who help them decide among the many mass marketing initiatives. Today, social media helps the customers choose wisely.

Q. Your favorite personal collection for VWS for this year?

I think colors and that’s where my strength lies. This season we are coming up with a beautiful collection of bridal wear inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India. Beautiful necklines with exquisite gemstones are something to look out for.

Q. How do you want women to feel when wearing your bridal jewellery?

The label celebrates the indomitable spirit of a woman who loves to live her life — and lives to love herself. This is how I want women wearing my jewellery to feel. A Farah Khan bride is unapologetic about who she is and makes her own rules. She believes in expressing herself freely on her special day in exclusive jewels that are as unique as she is.

Q. There’s so much pressure for designers to come out with their greatest collection season after season. What advice would you give to young jewellery designers just starting out and hoping to make it big in the industry?

Always start small, take baby steps. One should be original in thought and passionate about their craft. Take one step at a time and you’ll reach your destination. As it is rightly said, Rome was not built in a day.

Q. For the modern Indian bride what kinds of materials work well together, and which ones do not when it comes to wedding day jewellery?

In today’s modern time, you will still see an Indian bride in precious jewellery. The concept of precious jewellery as wedding gifts is still appreciated. Semi-precious and imitation jewellery does not work well as wedding day jewellery.

Q. How has bridal jewellery evolved since you began your own label?

Today, jewellery is diamond and colour centric as compared to earlier times when gold dominated the wedding space with Jadau jewellery flooding the markets. Clients are now ready to experiment as compared to earlier times where many opted for classics.

Q. Do you have a (design) Muse? Who is a quintessential Farah Khan bride?

My muse is a real woman, one that is comfortable in her own skin.
As mentioned earlier, a Farah Khan bride is a woman who loves to live her life — and lives to love herself. She is unapologetic about who she is and makes her own rules. She believes in expressing herself freely. Besides my sisters, Simone Arora and Sussanne Khan, I think Kalki Koechlin, Mira Rajput Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar are women I greatly admire for their ability to just be. I think being natural to me is a woman’s greatest strength.

Q. A cliché question yes, but are there any trends coming this wedding season that people will be totally blown away with?

I believe that brides should always pick pieces that enhance their beauty, rather than being weighed down by jewellery that ends up wearing them. After all, you don’t want to look like a mannequin bride — you want to define your own style. You want to stand out and be noticed for a look that you put together, one that is unique to you and no one else. I always suggest brides to choose jewellery that will stand the test of time, which you create with your jewellery designer, and which can become a family heirloom that you will hand down to the next generation. Either go for absolutely unusual pieces or total classics. There is no middle ground. A bride should be beautiful but above all a confident woman, who loves herself with all her flaws, and is able to transform them into her strengths.

As far as trends are concerned, I believe that coloured jewellery will be big this season and will make you feel brighter and make more of a statement. Hair accessories are also going to be very popular, as well as versions of the haath phool and baju bandh.

Q. Two jewellery tips you can give to Indian grooms who are afraid to go over the top?

The Indian groom can wear the sarpech and malas on his wedding day, and kurta buttons on sherwanis can be a great idea. Apart from the wedding ring itself, a nice chunky bracelet and some sleek cufflinks are a good investment for the groom to make, one that he can get more wear out of. I would also recommend a brooch pin worn on his wedding suit.

Q. If you decide to get married today and had to wear someone other than you in the world, who would it be?

I would love to wear bridal jewellery by Viren Bhagat and for my outfit, I would love to wear Falguni Shane Peacock and Manish Malhotra.

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