Vogue Wedding Show 2018 is back with its 6th edition with Kangana Ranaut as the face of the flagship property. The show will be held from August 3rd-5th, 2018 at Taj Palace, New Delhi. There is no doubt that this edition is going to be larger than life. India’s topmost wedding couture designers will be a part of it and will be showcasing their premium collections. Ace couture designers, JADE by Monica and Karishma will be a part of the show and we are super excited. So, we got a chance to interview them about their brand, Vogue Wedding Show 2018 and their recent wedding collection that brides can look forward to in 2018-19.

JADE by Monica and Karishma, Vogue Wedding Show 2018, VWS, wedding show

Q1. What role do you think social media/digital content plays in fashion today?

Social media has ushered the golden era of communication and imparting of information. It’s an extremely exciting space for us to express our creativity. We are personally involved in creating content to ensure it communicates our brand’s vision and values. Social media to us isn’t just about numbers, the number of likes or comments, we’re more excited about the opportunity to engage and build lasting relations with our audience. Actively engaging with our online audience has also helped us understand their likes and dislikes better, which has further helped us give them a better shopping experience. But more importantly, social media has paved the way for more knowledge. Audiences today are more fashion-conscious and aware about the finer nuances of couture because of the easy access they have to brands across the globe. Their awareness, in turn, pushes creators to be more transparent, original and authentic in their work, because that’s the only way we can build a thriving online community.

Q2. What makes the Vogue Wedding Show 2018 such a unique experience for the to-be-brides?

Vogue Wedding Show 2018 is one of the most well-curated bridal shows in India. In addition to bringing the who’s who of bridal couture in one place at one time, it brings together every single aspect of a wedding – from lights and sounds to wedding favors – under one roof. It gives us the opportunity to engage with a variety of brides – each one unique and amazing, and also offers a good glimpse into the wedding trends in India. We’ve been a part of Vogue Wedding Show 2018 since the beginning, and it’s always an exciting affair for us!

Q3. What are you launching in Vogue Wedding Show 2018 that our to-be brides should look out for?

This year we celebrate our completion of ten years in the Indian fashion. So, it’s a special year for us. To commemorate this milestone, we’ll be launching our Bridal Collection ‘Shreedha’. This collection takes inspiration from Radha and celebrates the divine femininity within each and every woman. This is an exploration of Radha’s many moods and avatars through design. The color palette is rich, varied and enigmatic – featuring deep hues of blue and green, strong reds and dainty pastels, on contemporary silhouettes. Lehengas are paired with modern tops, evening gowns take on a sleek yet sultry vibe, and different textures and fabrics mesh together to tell a unique story. Layering takes on a whole new meaning. For instance, one outfit carries motifs of the flowers of Vrindavan at the base, the second layer has more intricate flowers and vales, and the third layer is woven in gold zardozi.

JADE by Monica and Karishma, Vogue Wedding Show 2018, VWS, wedding show

Q4. How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes?

Clothes, for us, are an expression of one’s artistic bend and individuality. When women wear our clothes, we want them to feel beautiful, confident and wholly aware of their strengths. We want them to feel like mystical muses, gracefully balancing heritage and modern thought. Every time a woman adorns a JADE creation, she should feel rooted yet refined, elegant yet exuberant.

Q5. There’s so much pressure for designers to come out with their greatest collection season after season. What advice would you give to young wedding designers just starting out and hoping to make it in the industry?

Change is the only constant thing, and the only way for designers to create something unique with each collection is by being in a constant state of evolution. Having said that, we believe it’s staying true to our roots that has helped us carve a niche for ourselves and cater to a loyal clientele year after year. Carve out your vision, define and fine-tune your brand’s DNA and always keep these values at the center of every creation. It’s too easy to get swayed by temporary trends and fast fads, but the brands that truly stand out and go on to become timeless are those that are always aligned with their goals and vision, irrespective of the current trend. For us at JADE, balancing heritage with modernity, celebrating India’s diverse art within a contemporary framework and making the craft and techniques of our artisans a long-lasting, sustainable process is the core of what we do. Staying mindful of continuing to do what we set out to do since day one is what has helped us become a unique brand.

Q6. Where do you go for inspiration when working on a new bridal design, is it different from designing normal lifestyle clothing?

The difference between bridal couture and normal clothing is that the formal tends to hold a special significance since there’s so much emotional investment in it. When we started designing, we were clear that no matter how much we evolve, Indian heritage, stories, art, and techniques would always be at the core of our work. Thus, travel is our greatest source of inspiration. Exploring new lands, engaging with the locals and diving into the ancient history and lore of that place has manifested in our collections in delightful ways. Ever since we were young girls, we’ve felt a special connection with art – performing as well as visual. Walking through the heritage areas of South Bombay, spending endless evenings in museums and revelling in the gorgeous sarees from our mothers’ closets – these experiences have shaped our creative process.

Q7. How have bridal dresses evolved since you began your own label?

When we started out ten years ago, the idea of monochromatic bridal ensembles baffled everyone. Back then, reds were still the quintessential bridal color. However, over the course of time, there’s been a steady rise in brides asking us especially for bridal outfits in palettes like nudes, pastels, earthy browns and reds, mint green, champagne and platinum. From our experience, consumers today have developed a refined taste, something that inclines towards a fusion of old-world aesthetics and contemporary silhouettes. New age brides are well-travelled, well-read and discerning. They want clothing items that’ll outlast time and trends – they want versatile clothing. And all these things reflect in their fashion choices.

Q8. What will the 2018-19 bride look like?

She’s unique, undoubtedly. She’s not out to blindly follow trends but will thoughtfully visualise her bridal ensemble. She embodies a unique balance of old-world regalia and youthful charm, gracefully tiptoeing between tradition and modernity. Her ensemble is an embodiment of her persona – intellectually alive, culturally curious and just a little whimsy. She’s eclectic, exquisite and, when her heart desires, decadently glamourous. Her look will be dreamy, ethereal and free-spirited, bursting with youthful exuberance on heirloom fabrics intricately woven with gold.

JADE by Monica and Karishma, Vogue Wedding Show 2018, VWS, wedding show

Q9. A cliché question yes, but are there any trends coming this wedding season that people will be totally blown away with?

Considering the rise in contemporary fusion, we would say pastels are having their well-deserved moment in the sun right now. Brides are growing more and more keen to deviate from the traditional red palette. So, emerald green, midnight blue, deep marsala, champagne gold, platinum, dark greys, blush pink and refreshing mint are carving out a distinct space for themselves in bridal couture. This is an interesting and welcome shift, because colours can work wonders in creating a unique theme for the wedding as well as expressing the bride’s unique personality. Moreover, the understated elegance of these colours can be incorporated into everyday wear with effortless ease – something that the New age bride wants from her trousseau.

This was quite a lot of details we got for you guys. Aren’t you excited? Because we are a hell lot of excited for this show and looking forward to it.

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