Weddings are beautiful today and were the same even centuries ago. A lot has changed in the world of weddings when we look at the celebrations “then” and “now”. The simple exchange of vows in the presence of friends and family then has transformed to a theme-based celebration with a huge guest list now. Right from the bride and groom’s outfits to food and venue, everything has undergone a substantial transformation. While the wedding celebrations today are a lot more fun, they weren’t any less back in the past when our grandparents (or maybe even their parents) took the plunge. We were pondering over how wedding celebrations have evolved throughout the years and found that this beautiful infographic summarizes the thought aptly. Here, have a look and check out how the wedding celebrations have evolved over the years.

weddings then and now

1. The Engagement

weddings then and now

Then: It was all about a cosy and romantic dinner followed by an adorable proposal which was later announced to close friends and family.

Now: A well-planned and rehearsed performance which mandatorily has to be uploaded on Instagram along with a unique hashtag.

2. Bride’s Outfit

weddings then and now

Then: A classic white gown dainty details.

Now: An ivory, champagne or subtly-coloured gown with a simple silhouette.

3. Groom’s Outfit

weddings then and now

Then: A formal and complete suit or tuxedo, fitted and purchased from a local tailor.

Now: A more stylish suit or tux with casual accents rented online from trusted experts. You can find some online suit and tux rental options here.

4. Décor

weddings then and now

Then: Minimalistic and pocket-friendly décor with a dash of personalization and elegance sprinkled all over the place.

Now: Planned around a central theme complete with crafty details.

5. Venue

Then: Ceremonies in the house of worship, with receptions in hotels or country clubs.

Now: Everything is essential and booked online, including photographers and DJ.

6. Vendors

weddings then and now

Then: Used to be hired only for a few essentials. Rest of the wedding planning part used to be taken care of by the family members and friends.

Now: Right from the wedding stylist and caterer to the photographer and DJ, everyone is hired and that too through online wedding planning websites.

7. Food and Beverage

weddings then and now

Then: Catered menus and family-style dinners with traditionally-tiered cakes.

Now: Novelties like pizza bars, local fare, and pick-your-pleasure dessert tables.

True, a lot has changed over the years in the wedding world but one things that has remained common throughout is the bundle of emotions that encompass every celebration, i.e., love and happiness.

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