Pinterest is a heaven for all the “do it yourselfers”. From beautiful bridal lehengas to the minimalistic henna patterns and everything else, you are bound to find the most interesting ideas on various boards of Pinterest.

These days, the brides want their weddings to have their very own unique touch. Certainly, our dear brides-to-be can find a lot on Pinterest! Well, if you too are one of those inquisitive brides looking forward to quench your creative thirst, here’s something that you’d totally love. We found some wedding trends on Pinterest that are a hit among the brides these days. So check them out.

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Now, it’s time to check out the Pinterest wedding trends:     

1. Special Diet

Pinterest is one place that has information from every corner of the world. Many dieticians share tips on how to create a perfect diet plan for yourself. You can build your own diet plan according to your taste buds and timings. People share healthy recipes too which you can easily make at home.

Pinterest Trends, Bridal Diet Tips

In addition, if you want to follow any of the trending special diets such as Paleo or Keto, you can find tips and tutorials for that as well on Pinterest.

Pinterest Trends, Keto Diet

2. Workout Buddy

Pinterest Trends, Bridal Workout Tips

Along with providing you with good eating options, Pinterest can be your workout buddy too. You can work those abs and thighs at the comfort of your home. We all know that wedding preparations leave you with no time for the gym. Just follow fitness boards and plan your workout schedule yourself.

3. Scrubs and Face Masks

Pinterest Trends, Scrubs and face masks

Brides today, are more aware of the fact that for a beautiful bridal glow, they need to connect with their roots. This is why many brides choose Ayurvedic and natural treatments over the chemical-rich products. The best way to ensure that your products are chemical free is to make them yourself. You will come across various boards on Pinterest where you will find DIY scrubs and face mask recipes which will bring out the best in you.

4. Quick Fixes

Pinterest Trends, Bridal Quick Fixes

While it is always better to consult a dermatologist for any skin condition when in a hurry, we all need quick fixes. Pinterest has many cheat tricks that can help you with the sudden skin abnormalities. Now you can easily get rid of that pimple that decided to pop on your forehead a day before the wedding. All these methods are tried and tested and safe for the brides.

5. Unique Henna Designs

Pinterest Trends, Unique Bridal Mehendi Designs  

The millennial brides believe in thinking out of the box. They clearly do not want to follow the norms and unconventional mehendi designs make one of the hottest wedding trends. Fortunately for all our new-age brides, Pinterest has some fabulous mehendi designs that they can adorn their hands with.

6. Hair Accessories

Pinterest Trends, DIY Hair Accessories

If you are a creative bride who knows how to get things done, these DIY hair accessories on Pinterest will blow your mind. You can make your own floral pins or crowns which would become one with the colour of your bridal lehenga. These easy tutorials will help you to set some serious wedding trends and create the most magical hair accessories that no other bride can just go and buy.

7. Bridesmaid Favours

Pinterest Trends, Bridesmaids favors

Since your bridesmaids do everything to ensure that you have a dream wedding, you too should do something special for them. Make special and cute favours for your girl gang to let them know how thankful you’re for their support. Since it’s the thought that counts, make something that has a significant value to your relationship.

8. Be Your Own MUA

Pinterest Trends, Makeup Tutorials

While there are so many talented artists out there, nobody can understand your needs and face more than you. If you have the basic knowledge of how to apply makeup, Pinterest can help you to brush up your skills. If you’re not up for doing your own bridal makeup, you can surely be your own MUA for post-wedding dinner parties. Right from acing the eyeliner game to applying that foundation flawlessly, makeup tutorials on Pinterest can make you a pro in no time.

9. Perfect Bridal Lehenga

Pinterest trends, Indian Bridal Lehenga

Buying a bridal lehenga is more difficult than it seems. With so many colour options, styles and designs at your dispense, making the right choice can be tough. You can follow Indian fashion boards on Pinterest as they will help you a lot in finding your perfect lehenga. You can stay updated with the latest bridal lehenga trends. You can even take inspiration from various boards and sketch your own wedding lehenga.

These amazing Pinterest wedding trends can bring every bride many steps closer to her dream wedding. Some little tricks and shortcuts are all a bride needs. These clever hacks and trendy ideas are going to make you get addicted to this wonderful social platform.

Cover Image Credit: Design Aqua Studio

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