It was a fun-filled end to the week when our favourite artist Niti Luthra invited us for her makeup class at her studio. Every bit of this makeup class was highly informative and a sheer delight in true sense. She enlightened us with some really cool secret makeup tricks that help her achieve a flawless no makeup look for her brides. While she taught us technique for both matte as well as sheen look, the former is what we liked more as it feels more natural than the latter one. Now that we have come back from Niti Luthra’s makeup class all content and happy, we thought of sharing some of her secrets with you as well. So, here we bring to you the key takeaways from the makeup class by Niti Luthra.

1. No matter what your skin type is, you have to moisturize it well before applying any other makeup product on it.

bridal makeup class, niti luthra, makeup brushes

2. Though not mandatory, it is always a good practice to apply primer before applying the foundation. This sets the base right and gives a smoother finish by temporarily closing the pores.

bridal makeup class, niti luthra, makeup brushes

3. For a natural finish, start blending the foundation from the centre of your face and make sure you do it till the perimeter of your face to avoid forming a masked outline.

bridal makeup class, niti luthra, foundation

4. While there is no fixed rule in makeup, it is always better to do the eye makeup before the face makeup. This way, you can clean your face (after the makeup products like bronzer, eye shadow etc fall off your eyes) and be assured of a flawless makeup.

bridal makeup class, niti luthra, eye primer

5. An eye primer and a lip primer is as important as the face primer. Not only it smoothens the texture of your skin, but it also allows the product to stay for a longer period.

bridal makeup class, niti luthra, eye primer

6. If you want to invest in eye shadow colours, go for warm and neutral shades instead of investing in pastels or shades of pink and red. The warm tones enhance the Indian complexion better than other shades.

bridal makeup class, niti luthra, eye shadow palette

7. More than the cosmetic products, invest in the right brushes because if your makeup is not blended well, the entire look will be spoiled.

bridal makeup class, niti luthra, makeup brushes

8. Fill the colour in your brows using short strokes with the pencil and blend it well by applying the brush in the same direction.

A new-gen makeup artist with an abundance of knowledge and experience, Niti Luthra taught us a lot of exciting things at her makeup class that sure is going to make our lives a lot easier. Stay tuned until we attend her next makeup class and share more her secrets with you.

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