We have known all about a Hindu wedding that has myriad colours, rituals, beauty and extravaganza. After all, cultural and traditional values are what mark any community and the weddings related to it. Every religion has a beautiful heritage, culture and peculiarities when it comes to marriage customs. And for that matter, the journey of each and every bride belonging to a particular community is worth knowing about. Let’s have a look at the elaborate, opus and vibrant affair of a Muslim wedding and the interesting rituals that a Muslim bride follows to complete her wedding event. From mangni till nikah, each and every ceremony holds special significance and is a rooted affair for the Muslim brides. Let’s have a look.

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Imam Zamin

Muslim bride, Imam Zamin ritual

Image Courtesy: Mercedes Morgan Photography

This ceremony is organized by the groom’s family and sets the path for a Muslim bride for her marital journey.  This ritual is performed by the groom’s mother who visits the bride’s home with sweets, clothes and jewels like gold or silver coins. The coin wrapped in silk cloth is tied around the wrist of future daughter-in-law. Performed a few days before wedding, this ritual signifies the official acceptance of the bride into the groom’s family.

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Muslim bride, engagement shoot

Image Courtesy: Seven Skies Studio

Also known as the engagement ceremony, the event signifies the happiness of the two families in announcing their child’s marriage to the society. On this auspicious occasion, the boy and the girl exchange rings and their respective families offer gifts, sweets, fruits and dry fruits to each other to mark the acceptance.

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Muslim bride, mayouni

Image Courtesy: 361 Degree Productions

This is a beautiful one-week time before the wedding where bride wears yellow clothes and doesn’t step out of her house till her nikah. This is also called “period of introspection” where the bride-to-be reflects and focusses on her life to make amendments and improvements in regards to her new life. During this phase, the daughter of the family is pampered in all manners. The family also sees that they ward off evil spirits.


Muslim bride, manjha

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

Manjha is a traditional and colourful turmeric ceremony to enhance the beauty of the bride-to-be. It is one of the primary pre-wedding rituals that Muslims in India do follow. The groom’s family sends turmeric paste to the bride along with gifts, clothes and jewellery. Manjha bears close similarity to the Indian haldi ceremony where the bride is dressed in yellow finery. Once the turmeric paste is applied on to bride’s hands and feet, she takes an auspicious bath.

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Muslim bride, mehendi ceremony  

Image Courtesy: Jamie Howell Photography

It’s a custom associated with henna and is believed to be introduced in India by Mughals only. Therefore, mehendi ceremony is an elaborate ritual for Indo-Pakistani Muslim brides. An extremely sacred, women-centric and important ritual, mehendi marks an important milestone for a Muslim bride’s wedding journey. Celebration with henna marks the beginning of festivities leading to the main day. The ladies take the responsibility of adorning bride’s hand and feet with unique henna patterns. Artistic and talented ladies in the family also sing traditional and folk songs and are entrusted with the task of making the event grand and enthusiastic. The ladies ensure that the groom’s initials are there on bride’s hands.

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muslim brides, sanchaq ritual

Image Courtesy: Studio A By Amar Ramesh

The practise of Sanchaq makes a Muslim bride ready for the rituals ahead. Two to three days prior to the wedding, the bride’s future-in-laws either make a visit or send clothes and ornaments that the bride is supposed to wear on the wedding day.  Apart from the attires, the groom’s family also send accessories, jewels, cosmetics etc. Sanchaq beautifully stretches the rituals to make the entire affair elaborate and fun-filled.


Muslim brides, nikah, muslim wedding ceremony  

Image Courtesy: Sephi Bergerson Photography

Nikah is the actual ceremony day and the eve where the bride finally enters into the sacrament of matrimony with her spouse. The nikah takes place in presence of friends, family members and Maulvi (Muslim priest). The bride is given a Mehr (amount in cash given to bride that is pre-decided) by the groom’s side.

Muslim brides, nikah, muslim wedding ceremony  

Image Courtesy: The Glam Wedding & Get The Look

Ceremony begins with the Maulvi reading out the prayers from Quran to the couple. Men and women are seated separately in groups to bless the couple for their married life ahead. Quazi then officially asks the bride if she is marrying at her will and only after her consent he goes ahead to ask the same to the groom. This ritual is officially known as Ijab-e-Qubul (proposal and acceptance). This is followed by signing of the Nikahnama (marriage contract) which signifies the couple’s confirmation and acceptance to enter the wedlock. After the nikah, the elders bless the newly-married couple.

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Arsi Mushaf

Muslim brides, Arsi mushaf

Image Courtesy: Mark Swaroop Photography

This is an interesting post-wedding ritual when the newly married couple gets a chance to have a first glance at each other after marriage. There is lots of merriment, laughter and teasing by cousins and friends that imparts value to the event. A mirror along with the Holy Quran placed on top is kept between the couple. The couple uses the mirror to see each other’s reflection.

Rukhsat or Ruksati

Muslim brides, Rukhsat

Image Courtesy: Camera Waale Baraati

Like for all brides, this is a tough and sorrowful phase where she has to leave her parents’ house to go to her new family. It is like the vidai ceremony, where bride bids adieu to her family, friends and siblings.

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Welcoming Ceremony Of The Muslim Bride

Muslim bride

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

On her arrival at the groom’s house, the bride is welcomed by the groom’s mother with the Holy Quran placed on her head. The ceremony is a sign of her acceptance and welcome into a new home and also the reminder of her duties after the wedding. This is an extremely auspicious moment for a Muslim bride where she starts a new journey with her new family members.

The Chauthi Ceremony

Muslim brides, Chauthi

Image Courtesy: Camera Waale Baraati

This is basically a formal lunch or a dinner organised by the bride’s family especially on the fourth day after the wedding. This is held to welcome the newly married couple into the bride’s family. Chauthi is one of the very precious moments for bride as she visits her parents’ home for the first time after being married. After the lavish meal, couple is showered with gifts and blessings to start their life together.

The wedding journey of a Muslim bride is a glorious one and full of fun, blessings and emotions. Also, it’s an overwhelming experience for the bride when she prepares to leave her home to be with her soulmate. Well, to become a bride and start a new journey is one of the most special things that happen in any woman’s life. In the end, leaving you with some gorgeous Muslim brides to get inspired from:

Muslim brides, nikah

Image Courtesy: Deepika’s Deep Clicks

Muslim brides, nikah

Image Courtesy: Dipak Studios

Muslim brides, nikah

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Muslim brides, nikah

Image Courtesy: Rajesh Digital

Muslim brides, nikah

Image Courtesy: Dilliwale Weddings

Muslim brides, nikah

Image Courtesy: Fatima Tariq Photography

Muslim brides, nikah

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Stories

Muslim brides, nikah

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