A beautiful lehenga with the most fashion-forward blouse will end up creating a blunder if not paired with the correct bridal necklace. When it comes to choosing jewellery, brides usually focus more on the colour, stones and the material rather than the cut and the style of the necklace. To make sure that the various elements of your bridal attire complement each other, focusing on the style of the necklace is equally imperative.

These days, brides have so many options to choose from. From everyone’s favourite choker to the traditional rani haar, the choices are endless. If you are still confused about which kind of necklace you should wear at your wedding, here is your complete guide of different kinds of necklaces that you can wear.

1. Choker

bridal necklace, bridal jewellery, choker

Image Courtesy: Himanshu Jangid Photography

bridal necklace, bridal jewellery, choker

Image Courtesy: Romesh Dhamija Productions

A choker is one of the most beloved pieces when it comes to bridal necklaces. It sits around the neck gracefully and accentuates your entire look. It’s a metallic band that can be made in any material that you want. You can even add colourful stones like rubies and emeralds to it. A bridal choker is much wider as compared to the other chokers. It looks stunning on brides with longer necks.

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2. Bib Necklace

bridal necklace, bridal jewellery, bib necklace

Image Courtesy: Mon Cheri Bridals

True to its name, a bib necklace is just like a baby’s bib when it comes to the way it is tied. This is the one that Cleopatra loved to wear. It has many layers of precious metal and stones woven together to create one masterpiece. This bridal necklace has an adjustable end that allows the bride to manipulate the length of the necklace according to her comfort.

3. Rani Haar


Rani haar has been enjoying a special place in the Indian bridal jewellery collection for a long time. Queens use to wear these magnificent pieces. It has many strings of precious or semi-precious stones like emeralds and pearls which are closely knit together. A rani haar ends in a beautiful statement piece which hangs at the end and gives it a royal touch. It is a perfect piece if you want to give a multi layer effect by wearing different neck pieces.

4. Satlada

bridal necklace, bridal jewellery, satlada

Image Courtesy: Dream Diaries

bridal necklace, bridal jewellery, satlada

Image Courtesy: Fotowalle

Like a rani haar, a satlada has many strings as well but they are not held closer to each other. It is a speciality of the Nizams of Hyderabad and has seven layers as number 7 is considered to be lucky. It is a very elaborate bridal necklace that covers the entire front area till the navel. A satlada does not need support of any other necklace. It is complete in itself and makes for one exquisite bridal jewellery piece.

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5. Guluband

bridal necklace, bridal jewellery, guluband

A guluband necklace is the first choice of every bride because of its versatility. It suits almost everyone. It isn’t too tight like a choker or hangs loosely like a rani haar. It sits just above or on the collarbone. Therefore, irrespective of the length of your neck, you can wear it easily. This bridal necklace is also known as the princess necklace.

6. Navratan

bridal necklace, bridal jewellery, navratan, mira rajput, mira rajput bridal look, mira rajput wedding

Image Courtesy: Arjun Kartha Photography

Navratan is a Sanskrit word which means nine stones. A navratan necklace is made of nine different precious or semi-precious stones. This colourful necklace is not only pretty to look at but is believed to have the mystical power of all the nine gems. You can wear it with almost every colour.

7. Mango Haram

bridal necklace, bridal jewellery, mango haram

Image Courtesy: NAC Jewellers

The long necklace that you see in temple jewellery is known as a mango haram necklace. This bridal necklace has a very detailed designing and mango-shaped motifs all over it. It is believed that this necklace is worn by the goddesses. For a South Indian bride, it is an emotional piece.

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8. Aad Necklace

bridal necklace, bridal jewellery, aad necklace

Image Courtesy: Mortantra

Aad is a traditional Rajasthani necklace that has a square or rectangular shaped choker and its centrepiece is attached with strings of pearls. This necklace is also known as Rajputana necklace. Aishwarya Rai wore it in the movie, Jodha Akbar.

9. Addigai Necklace

bridal necklace, bridal jewellery, addigai necklace

Image Courtesy: Vijay Eesam

An addigai is also a part of the temple jewellery. It is usually the secondary necklace which is teamed up with a more elaborate one. It is a closed necklace with a hanging centrepiece. Traditionally, an addigai has floral motifs but these days brides are experimenting with it using different coloured stones. You can keep it simple or colourful, the choice is yours.

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Every bridal necklace style in this list is beautiful and unique. All that is left for you is to decide which one of these suits your personality. Imagine your entire look and add one of these necklaces to it. Choose the one that speaks to your attire and style. It is important to focus on the cut of the necklace to create a balanced look. We are sure that you will make the right decision.

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