Small pieces of Zari ribbons come together to form one of the most beautiful things that Rajasthan has given to us, Gota! Needless to mention, gota is traditional, delicate, beautiful and an absolute favourite of the Indian women. It makes an appearance on every joyous occasion. Whether it is the celebration of a marriage or a new entry into the family, women wear gota with utmost pride and honour whenever there is some good news. Gota has been gracefully embracing our traditional clothes, but Aara decided to do something more beautiful with it. This gota jewellery brand makes an exquisite range of trinkets which is sure to become your new obsession. From anklets to earrings to maang teeka, these gota jewellery pieces will add a lot more to your bridal beauty. Other than being stunning, these exquisite pieces have so many advantages:

1. It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket

aara gota jewellery, gota jewellery

Gota jewellery is beautiful and made with care. Its detailing makes it looks rich but don’t get alarmed by its complexity because it just looks expensive. Gota jewellery is very reasonable and something that even those who are on a tight budget can afford. You can buy an entire bridal set without re-doing your budget.

2. There are more options than you can imagine

gota jewellery, gota jewellery

Gota allows its makers to work freely as it could be bent, twisted and moulded into any shape without any risk. This is one of the reasons why you will find the maximum variety in Gota jewellery. There are earrings, jhumkas and chandbalis for your ears. You can also find anklets, kamarbandh, and heavy bridal sets too. That’s not all; visit Aara to come across things that you couldn’t even have imagined.

3. A beautiful colourful charade

gota jewellery, gota jewellery

Of course, gota jewellery is more colourful than gold, silver or platinum jewellery and with so many colours, it can even give floral jewellery a tough competition. Gota jewellery allows you to match it with any outfit that you have. Pink, purple, blue; name any colour and you will get it.

4. Creativity defines it

gota jewellery, gota jewellery

Gota jewellery can clearly win the award for the most creative designs. Since you can shape gota as you please and it comes in so many beautiful colours, its makers get the freedom to be as creative with it as they please. Since it is handmade, the results are always different and equally stunning.

5. Gota jewellery is forever

gota jewellery, gota jewellery

No, we did not mean to write diamond! Unlike floral jewellery that loses its charm in a few days, gota jewellery has a much longer shelf life. Once the occasion is over, you can carefully pack it up in a muslin cloth and keep it in a box. It will look just as beautiful when you will take it out to wear it the next time.

6. Mix and match

gota jewellery, gota jewellery

Gota jewellery is very versatile. It can team up with a lot of different elements to give you an iconic piece. It works well with pearls, mirrors, pom-poms and even flowers. You can mix and match different materials and colours to make a piece which is perfect for you.

7. Western and traditional fusion

gota jewellery, gota jewelleryIf you thought that you can wear gota jewellery only with traditional outfits like lehengas and sarees, then you are mistaken. Gota jewellery looks good with fusion wear like dhoti pants, crop top and skirt and shararas too. If you are planning to wear a gown or an LBD, gota jewellery will complement your western wear as well.

Aara jewellery has given us some beautiful brides who proudly flaunted their masterpieces. Aara ships gota jewellery straight from Jaipur where the experienced karigars make every piece with care and love. Take a look at some of the brides who looked gorgeous in gota jewellery by Aara:

Gota, pearls and flowers are the most important ingredients that make a happy bride

gota jewellery, gota jewellery

Making a bold statement with the bold colours

gota jewellery, gota jewellery

This Rapunzel bride looks radiant in her subtle gota and pearl jewellery

gota jewellery, gota jewellery

Gota has a very important place in the Hindu culture. It is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Gota jewellery is one of a kind and looks amazing on everyone. Just like these brides, if you too, want to look extra special, order your own gota jewellery from Aara. Your jewellery will be made just the way you want. So, give it a try and let us know about your experience with gota jewellery.

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