Anastasia Beverly Hills, M.A.C, Sephora, Bobbi Brown; name any high-end makeup brand but we all know that if you don’t know the right technique, you will end up looking all baked. For those sculpted cheekbones, you not only need the right bronzer but also a person who knows how to work with it. When it comes to applying makeup, the first thing you need to do is identify your face shape and then work on those lines. No single technique works for all. The shape of your face decides how much contouring and sculpting is required. Of course, only the steady hands of a professional can do it right, which is why we have found just the right person for you.

Kamna Sharma is every bride’s go-to makeup artist in Amritsar. The lady, who has worked with former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen and many other leading ladies of Bollywood, loves to work with models and brides. We got an opportunity to discuss makeup trends with her and she happily shared a lot of tips. And here she reveals bridal makeup tips for different face shapes.

1. Round Face

Face Shape, Makeup Tips, Round Face, Makeup by Kamna

If the width of your forehead and chin area is almost same and lacks angular definition, you have a round face shape. A round face is often accompanied by fuller cheek apples and a really soft chin.

“This face lacks definition which is what you should work on,” says Kamna.


Face Shape, Makeup Tips, Round Face, Makeup by Kamna

She further adds:

“Round face is the easiest to work with. Use contouring to give your face an angular look. With foundation, a shade or two darker than your skin tone, create an angular lining on your face. Use a lighter shade to highlight the middle of your forehead and the apples of your cheek. Go light on blush. Use a highlighter instead.”

2. Oval Face

Face Shape, Makeup Tips, Oval Face, Makeup by Kamna

An oval face is one of the most desirable face shapes out there. Women with an oval face have a broad forehead which tapers down to a narrow chin. These women are blessed with prominent cheekbones. Here’s the makeup tip Kamna Sharma has to share with the brides with the oval face shape:

“The only word that you should keep in mind is ‘balance’. Make sure that the lower half and the upper half of the face complement each other. You just need to contour the forehead and the area below your cheekbones. Apply highlighter in a C-shape motion. Go for fuller lips to complete the look.”

3. Heart-Shaped Face

Face Shape, Makeup Tips, Heart-Shaped Face, Makeup by Kamna

Yes, we are talking about the Barbie face. This face shape is easily confused with the oval shape as both have broad foreheads. The main difference lies in the chin area. A heart-shaped face ends in a very sharp chin which is almost angular.

Kamna Sharma reveals some secret makeup tips for the heart-shaped face:

“Very few brides who come to us have a heart-shaped face. Since the chin area is narrower than the rest of the face, we try to highlight the lips more. We contour a major part of the forehead to narrow that down and with the help of a blush, we highlight the apples and leave the cheekbone natural.”

4. Square Face

Face Shape, Makeup Tips, Square Face, Makeup by Kamna

If the width of your forehead, cheekbones and chin area are almost similar, you have a square face. This face can be broad like Sonakshi Sinha or narrow like Kareena Kapoor, but they all have a prominent jawline. Kamna says:

“A square face has really sharp edges which most of the brides prefer to hide. To give it a softer look, we work in a way that makes the face look more round. A highlighter is applied in a linear motion to cover up the hollow of the cheeks. Nude lipstick shades work well on a square face.”

5. Oblong Face

Face Shape, Makeup Tips, Oblong Face, Makeup by Kamna

Stretch the square face a bit and you will have an oblong face. Just like a square face, an oblong face has symmetrical lines and it is difficult to distinguish between the width of the forehead and the cheekbones. However, an oblong face is very narrow and has a soft and round chin area. Our expert Kamna Sharma has these makeup tips for the brides with this face shape:

“When working on an oblong face, our main strategy is to make sure that we create some edges, else, this face will look flat. We contour only the top of the forehead and the bottom of the chin. We apply highlighter and blush in a circular motion. A lot of attention is given to the eyebrows as they help to balance the whole look.”

Well, we can’t thank our expert Kamna Sharma enough for sharing out these fabulous makeup tips with us. So ladies, the next time you get your makeup done, make sure you follow her advice for a flawless look.   

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