Off-late renting dresses online may have been coming into trend, but a lot of people are apprehensive about it till date. Due to a lot of factors like hygiene, usage, looks and of course the classic, “log kya kahenge?”

More and more rental companies have been coming up and not because they think one doesn’t have the money to buy an outfit, but because;
why buy when you can rent?

Since we’re talking about fashion rental sites, let’s introduce you to Rent A Closet, a place where you can rent designer outfits for weddings and different occasions. Check out some of their collection here.

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It is not necessary that you rent everything from casuals to evening wear to a wedding outfit. But yes, rent for days when you know buying an expensive outfit is not a sensible option. That once in a lifetime Yacht party calls for a new dress, but not that you need to buy it. Knowing that you wouldn’t wear it ever again, there’s no point in spending a fortune over it. That best friend’s brother’s wedding that may not necessarily be as important but decking up because all your seniors would be present is important. So instead of buying that expensive lehenga or anarkali, simply look for designer dresses on rent online. And, if you’re someone super practical, you would know that it really isn’t worth spending a bomb on your wedding outfit which you won’t ever wear again! So, just go ahead and book a bridal lehenga on rent.

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The outfits are dry-cleaned before sending it to the client as well as after receiving it back from the client. So, leave your hygiene woes, and be free of any worries.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of renting and buying:


Looking for options while picking up a dress for an ocassion is important.


You would never have to worry about repeating the same outfit again and again. Each time you could rent an outfit that is a current popular style, pick colours that you wish to try and styles that may otherwise be too bold for your taste. Experimenting is the key to being on top of the wardrobe game.

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Restriction is a problem and if you buy an outfit once, you will inevitably have to wear it at least 3 more times before you pass it on to your maid or give it to charity.

Stage 3, another fashion rental site has some Bollywood inspired dresses for rent online. Check out here.

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2: Change in trend

Trend is something that keeps changing and it is good to opt for that is trending.


With fast fashion being the ‘it’ thing, it comes as no surprise that what you wore 3 months back is no longer in trend. So, rent as per the colour and style of the season. Besides, you can rent a dress based on the weather outside and not have to worry about an entire year to pass before you could wear that winter dress again.

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Irrespective of what’s currently in trend, you would be stuck to that outfit which is now ‘passé’. And, like I mentioned, seasonal clothing will only keep piling in your wardrobe, and create space issues in your store-room.

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3: Savings

Buying a dress that you love and would look good on you is good, but it should not be harsh on your pocket.


Any designer outfit which is available to you for only 1/10th the price is in all ways a win-win situation for you. Irrespective of whether you have the money to buy a designer dress, it is a better option to rent it. And, the remaining amount could instead be a part of your savings or charity.

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Buying an outfit worth lakhs may not be an issue, but using it for not more than 3 times is! Storing the outfit is a bigger concern and spending more on storage is more money gone down the drain.  

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With landfills being a serious environmental issue, let’s do our bit and re-use and recycle as much as we can. So, friends support and encourage sustainable fashion and rental sites online!

Written by: Neha Dantes from

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