Finding the perfect makeup artist is more difficult than finding the perfect groom. With so many amazing artists out there, your head is bound to spin! Some are good with contouring; some do perfect eye makeup while others are good with hairstyles. However, there are a few who can do it all. Luckily for all our pretty, modern Indian brides, we have someone who can do it all- our celebrity makeup artist, Aakansha Singhal. This lady is known especially for her minimalist brides. Aakansha’s brides look like lady bosses and these pictures will prove it:

Brides of MUA Aakansha Singhal:

1. Bold And Daring

minimalist bride, aakansha singhal makeup artist
This simple makeup look is for all the bold brides who dare to ditch the regular red for bold colours like black, brown and chocolate. A monotone makeup done in shades of gold and copper will work wonders for you. Aakansha says:

“It is refreshing to work with brides who can make it challenging for you. My bride chose an unconventional colour for her wedding which pushed me to work harder. I settled for a monotone copper makeup which highlighted her natural features and blended with the colour of her dupatta.”

2. The Bold In Red Minimalist Bride

minimalist bride, aakansha singhal makeup artist
No matter how old does it get, red still remains the hot favourite among the modern Indian brides. As one of Aakansha’s brides opted for this quintessential wedding colour, the makeup artist created one extremely gorgeous minimalist bride. This ‘smokey eyes’ look with nude lipstick giving the red in the lehenga a chance to speak and we are so much in love with it. Speaking on how she chose colours for her bride, Aakansha opens up:

“I have seen lots of brides choosing red lipstick and golden eyes look with their red lehenga but I wanted the bold nature of the bride to do the talking. So I gave her smouldering eyes with nude lips and heavy lashes which worked well.”

3. The Dipped In Wine Minimalist Bride

minimalist bride, aakansha singhal makeup artist
Shades of burgundy have been a hit amongst the modern Indian brides in the recent past. You can paint your lips in this colour if you are wearing a golden or champagne coloured dress for the D-day. Aakansha says:

“Rupali is one of my favourite brides. She came to me with this gorgeous golden dress and I instantly knew what look I wanted to give her. I shifted the entire focus on her lips because I realised that she loves to smile. The wine colour gave the golden colour of the dress and the eyes some substance.”

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4. Blushing Burgundy

minimalist bride, aakansha singhal makeup artist
Burgundy is a strong colour which needs to be taken care of delicately. Brown is one colour that doesn’t steal the limelight from burgundy but gives it a neat structure. Look how well Aakansha has done it with one of her beautiful modern Indian brides here. She says:

“Burgundy is a strong colour. I wanted the bride to have subtle makeup so that the centre doesn’t slip from her lehenga and natural features. So, I chose the same shade of brown for the eyes and the lips. Also, I used a lot of bronzer and some glitter too to uplift the look.”

5. The Sunset Blue Minimalist Bride

minimalist bride, aakansha singhal makeup artist
Sunset eyeshadow trick is one of the latest bridal makeup trends of 2018. This bride with a tint of blue on her eyes looks absolutely stunning. Aakansha explains how she created this immaculate minimal bridal look:

“Since sunset eye makeup is trending, I thought about giving that look to our bride. As she was wearing blue, it gave us the opportunity to play with the colours. Blue sunset makeup will remind you of a deep ocean. Our bride was really happy with the look.”

6. Glitter And Gold

minimalist bride, aakansha singhal makeup artist
Every bride dreams of dazzling like a diva at her wedding. You can do that literally with the help of a shimmer eyeshadow. Take some hint from this gorgeous minimalist bride on how to embrace glitter the right way. The artist behind this gorgeous look explains:

“Brides love to add glitter in their makeup. While it does give the entire look an oomph factor, if done wrong, it can be disastrous. I used pink glitter on the eyelids of the bride and to create balance, I used matte lipstick in deep burgundy. I restricted the use of highlighter as well.”

7. The Blushing Blue Lady

minimalist bride, aakansha singhal makeup artist
For all the brides who want to keep things simple yet glamorous, this is the perfect minimalist bride look. Metallic blue eyeshadow works well with deep coloured outfits. Here’s what Aakansha has to say about this look:

“I wanted to highlight the best features of the bride without taking away from her natural beauty. All I did was to highlight her best features, her eyes with a colour that pops. I kept the lips simple because I didn’t want the focus to shift.”

8. The Conventional Pink Minimalist Bride

bridal makeup artist

For all the brides out there who believe in traditions, this makeup look is just perfect. Bringing back the Bengali bindi, this bride looks like a majestic goddess. Aakansha spills the beans on this look:

“My bride wanted her look for the wedding to be all about the old school traditions. Putting colourful bindi on the forehead was a big hit in the 90s and early 2000s but with time, it got lost. This beautiful bride wanted to bring that back. So, I gave her well-defined eyebrows to support the goddess bindi style and pretty pink lips to match her outfit.”

Every bride is beautiful, our talented makeup artist, Aakansha Singhal makes sure that this beauty doesn’t lose its glow under the layers of foundation, hence her mantra is always to create a gorgeous minimalist bride. No matter what colour you are wearing to take the vow, Aakansha will make sure that you look your absolute best at your wedding. For her, every bride is special and it shows in her work.

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