It’s all about butterflies in the stomach and hopes in the eyes when one gets married. A wedding is such an important and beautiful day for every bride and groom. Two people take the vow to stand by each other through the thick and the thin. They promise that their love will grow each day.
And, ‘Din Shagna Da’ is one song which celebrates this communion in the most beautiful manner. The song is loved by most of the brides, especially as background music for their entry. This song is an artistic amalgamation of every feeling that goes on in a bride’s heart. Well, now there’s also a male version of this iconic song that is as heart-warming as the original one. This version highlights how ecstatic a groom feels on seeing his bride. The most beautiful thing about this song is that it is a dedication that a groom makes to his future wife.
The song starts on a wonderful note where the entire journey of a wedding is lyrically expressed. The groom knows that his bride is waiting for him and even he cannot wait to be with her. From decorations to rituals to everything else, this song is an ode to every phase of a wedding.
The male version of Din Sagna Da is a wonderful twist of the classic one. This song is about both the bride and the groom, just like a wedding is. Give this song a try and we are sure you will get goosebumps after hearing it!

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