A honeymoon is not just your any day vacation, but your first excursion as husband and wife. It gives you the opportunity to discover more about your partner and establish a deeper bond with each other. And you definitely would want it to be a hassle-free affair! But, one problem that most of the couples face while planning their trip is scoring a visa. Fortunately, there are many exotic foreign locations that provide visa on arrival to Indian tourists. While you all must be aware Thailand providing this facility to Indians, we have curated a list of 12 other interesting and romantic foreign locations which offer visa on arrival to Indians.  

1. Kenya

Kenya is one of the richest lands of Africa when it comes to flora and fauna. The place has great diversity to offer to the visitors right from the white sandy beaches and deserts to rich forests and hills. So, go together there and strengthen your bond while also feeling close to the nature.

Visa On Arrival: 30 Days For USD 20
Best Time To Visit: August To October

2. Maldives

Maldives is famous throughout the world for its beautiful beaches. Enjoy the magical sunsets, crystal clear water and long watches on the beach holding hands with your partner. You will never want to come back from this heavenly place.

Visa On Arrival: 90 Days For Free
Best Time To Visit: All Year Round

3. Cambodia

Along with the beautiful beaches, Cambodia has to offer a world of rich culture to every traveller. If you and your partner want more than just pretty landscapes, you should head to Cambodia. You will find beautiful ancient temples with stones covered in moss. Not only will you fall in love with each other all over again, but also the people here.

Visa On Arrival: Up To 30 Days For USD 25
Best Time To Visit: November To February

4. Macau

Macau is one destination in Asia which is the hot favourite among the newlyweds. From the romantic gondola ride in the Venetian Macao resort to taking strolls in the Lou Lim Lok Park, you are sure to have the best time of your life here.

Visa On Arrival: Up To 60 Days For USD 60
Best Time To Visit: Throughout The Year

5. Fiji Islands

Enjoy the magic of Oceania and visit the Fiji Islands. You will find the bluest waters here and amazing coral reefs too. Fiji Islands is one of the most peaceful places in the world. And once you are there, you have to cherish couple’s spa at one of the resorts in Fiji.

Visa On Arrival: Up To 4 Months For Free
Best Time To Visit: September To January

6. Madagascar

If you and your partner are in love with nature and the wildlife, you will be happy to know that Madagascar offers visa on arrival to Indians. This island nation is home to thousands of species of flora and fauna. So for an adventure couple like you are, there nothing better than losing yourself in Madagascar.

Visa On Arrival: 90 Days For USD 75
Best Time To Visit: May To October

7. Bolivia

Located in western-central South America, Bolivia offers a number of America’s gems at one place. You will witness the grandeur of the Andes, the vast Atacama Desert and the mysterious Amazon Basin rainforests. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see all this with your life partner?

Visa On Arrival: You Can Get It From La Paz Airport For USD 52. Duration Will Be Decided On Arrival.
Best Time To Visit: April To October

8. Jamaica

Situated in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is one place that every couple must visit. Its reef-lined beaches, rainforest and the colonial influence of both Britain and Spain will transport you back into the time. You will get to experience so much here as a couple.

Visa On Arrival: No Visa Required For 14 Days
Best Time To Visit: December To April

9. Seychelles

Africa is a continent for the lovers of the wild and one of the countries which offers everything raw. And one country from this continent that offers best of the nature and also the “visa on arrival” to the Indians is Seychelles. It is a place where you will fall in love with your partner over topaz water and lush green hills. With its laid-back environment, this place is perfect to have a relaxed honeymoon after all those hectic wedding ceremonies.

Image via Flickr

Visa On Arrival: Visitor’s Permit Valid For 1 Month
Best Time To Visit: October To March And May To September

10. Indonesia

Bali, Jakarta, Java and Sumatra, there are so many beautiful places in this amazing country that a newlywed couple would love to explore. This is the dreamy place from Julia Robert’s Eat Pray Love. Whether you want to try some water sports or wish to have a surreal experience, you will find everything at one place.

Visa On Arrival: 30 Days For USD 35
Best Time To Visit: All Year Round

11. Jordan

There numerous reasons which make Jordan one of the most popular tourist destinations among all the Arab countries. It has Roman ruins in Jerash and architectural wonder in Petra for the history lovers, Dead Sea and Red Sea for the water lovers, beautiful deserts if you have plans to go camping and much more.  

Visa On Arrival: 2 Weeks For USD 30
Best Time To Visit: March To May, September To November

12. Bhutan

World’s happiest country Bhutan has a lot of beautiful landscapes, historic sites, temples and many other charming locations to offer to the honeymooners. Isolated from the worldly hustle bustle, Bhutan is one of the most hospitable places with immense scenic beauty.

Image via Flickr

Visa On Arrival: No Visa Required
Best Time To Visit: March To May
Get your passports ready as these countries are open to you. Let your honeymoon be all about love and not the tension of getting a visa. So start planning and have a happy honeymoon!

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