A bride’s jewellery symbolises her inner strength and beauty. Interestingly, the new-age bride has gone way past the traditional jewellery and there are so many options out there that define her real essence. And what better than some striking statement pieces can there be to define today’s bold and beautiful newbie bride?
Well, that’s the reason why we have the contemporary jewellery label, Vaitaanika in our #WishfulDiscoveries series today! The unique and edgy designs offered by the brand are the true representative of the maverick Indian bride and if you too are one of those, then these 7 statement jewellery pieces are just what you need!     

1. The list begins with the most powerful piece. The carving, the cuts and the colour of those magnanimous jhumkas aptly define the power that a goddess possesses!

Vaitaanika, Jhumkis, Statement Jhumkis, Dulhan Jhumkis

2. A handcrafted ring with intricate detailing and dainty design is just what a woman needs to send the message out and loud that the boss is here!

Vaitaanika, Ring, Statement Ring

3. Orange signifies warmth and gold stands for prosperity- and a well-defined maang tikka containing the goodness of both the colours becomes a must-have for a newlywed diva! Don’t you agree?

Vaitaanika, Maang Tikka, Vadhu Collection

4. Adding to your orange-gold collection, here comes an amalgamation of class and confidence.

Vaitaanika, Jhumkis, Statement Jhumkis, Dulhan Jhumkis, Vadhu Collection

5. If you wish to exude an effortless chic vibe in front of your new family, then an elegant design like this one has to make an entry to your treasure chest.

Vaitaanika, Earring, Statement Earrings, Pearl Earrings

6. Let this one-of-a-kind design speak of your individuality and the peacock detailing ooze out the royal charm that you possess.

Vaitaanika, Earring, Statement Earrings, Peacock Earrings, Mayura Collection

7. This meticulously worked upon statement ring rightly showcases the newly-filled colours in your life. So, wouldn’t you pick one for yourself?

Vaitaanika, Ring, Statement Ring
As much as it defines your feminine side, a bold piece of jewellery also brings out your strong side, which is equally beautiful. So which of these pretty jewels defines the real you?
You can find out more at www.vaitaanika.com

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    wow shaadiwish, this is just an amazing article for me. i loved the representation and the collection that you chose to list here. i feel like keep on reading and looking the collection one by one, you made it that much attractive ad happening. would love to check some more articles on your site and keep rocking

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