Dear Grooms,
When it comes to dressing for your own wedding, we want you to put your best foot forward. From the epic Sehra and sherwani clad Dulha avatar to the dapper man in a Tuxedo, we want to make sure you’ve got it perfect before you walk hand in hand with the dazzling bride. That’s why we’ve put together some profound tips for the Indian groom from the wedding fashion styling expert Ishleen Kaur. She’s penned down all the nifty details on how you can get your style quotient right on your big day.

Check out the Groom styling tips for the Indian Groom:

1. Try To Harmoniously Blend In With The Bride’s Style.

Paying attention to the bride’s attire is foremost. While it’s a great opportunity to show your fashion style by wearing something offbeat, it’s of equal importance that you take style cues from your bride. The photographs turn out beautiful, the coordination makes you stand out as a well suited couple, and besides you want to make sure that you don’t look out of place. The decor, the place and the couple need to be in sync.
Indian Groom Styling Tips

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2. Cuff Links, Buttons & Tie Pins Are Accessories You Cannot Ignore.

From the details like the watch and jewellery, cuff links, pocket squares, buttons and tie pins, you can go adventurous with these accessories and they just cannot be forgotten. Pay attention to the design, material and style so that they’re adding value to your look while maintaining a thin line between “over doing” it. A large brooch, a massive belt or a necklace that attracts all the focus isn’t the point, right?
Indian Groom Styling Tips

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3. Fit Is The Key, Trials Are A Must.

Since, most of the outfits are customised to your fit, just like the bride’s outfit trials, you need to make sure that your trials are done in time too. Even if you’re going for a regular fit or a slim fit,  you need to try the outfit and see if the tailor is able to mark that distinction while being able to tell the difference in silhouettes clearly. This becomes even more crucial if you are going through an exercise regime before the wedding. The fit tends to alter so make sure to do the last trial, one week before the wedding.
Indian Groom Styling Tips

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4. Pick Out Different Colors For The Various Occasions.

While, we’ve already stated how crucial it is to have a theme in mind while picking out your outfits. If it’s a day affair, choose colors that add radiance and not dull your look. Pick prints that are vibrant yet mellow. Picking a dark hue like a burgundy or an emerald for the day may seem out of place but the same colors would work magically for an evening or a night event.  
Indian Groom Styling Tips

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5. The Length Of Sleeves, Trousers, Sherwani And The Tux Need To Be Sharp.

For men, it’s all about the cuts. We cannot emphasise enough on this parameter, but it can make or break your game. The shirt needs to be cuffed at the wrist and the jacket needs to show off the cuff just a little bit. Whereas the wrist is slightly more visible in a Sherwani to allow movement. The trousers shouldn’t start bunching up in folds but also cannot be short to reveal the ankles too much. The churidar or the pyjamas can be fitted or loose depending on the silhouette you are vying for. Basically, it’s critical.
Indian Groom Styling Tips

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6. The Wedding Turban Needs To Be Comfortable, Much Like A Woman’s Heels.

You are going to be wearing the safa/pagdi/turban for the first time maybe, it’s going to be adorned with the sehra, a kalgi and sometimes even ornamental elements. You want to make sure to choose a turban that fits well. We insist you go for a custom made one rather than the readymade turbans that are available. Pick a delicate sehra and make sure the kalgi isn’t too heavy either.
Indian Groom Styling Tips

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7. Stock Up On Loafer Liners That’ll Serve Well As Socks.

You definitely don’t want your socks to stick out of those traditional juttis you are wearing or even the loafers for that matter, but you cannot avoid them because – shoe bites. Wear your juttis a few times before the wedding to break into it so that you’re comfortable walking in those. Loafer liners that aren’t visible under those juttis are indispensable and the most handy product. 
Indian Groom Styling Tips

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8. Keep Up With The Trends And Select Your Outfits According To That.

Every season the tones of Ivories change, the embroidered motifs differ and the print patterns evolve. Make sure to pick out an outfit not eight months in advance but keep a bracket of 3-4 months in hand and indulge in silhouettes and styles that are latest in fashion, even if you aren’t a fashion king, it surely adds a fresh and contemporary feel to your persona.
Indian Groom Styling Tips

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9. Play With Creative Structures & Drapes.

From the launch of the newest collections from ace Indian designers, one thing is obvious that drapes for men are a big deal this season. So make sure to incorporate your own versions of it in the outfits. Layer your outfits like a boss, go for structures that are unique and make sure to own your style.
Indian Groom Styling Tips

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10. Don’t Forget To Add Personal Elements To The Outfit!

It’s your special day and making it your own is what you need to primarily focus on. From custom socks for the groomsmen to interesting details in the outfit that make it personal, the groom cannot stay behind when it comes to professing their love for the bride in their own way. Look at this groom for that matter. The embroidered names spell out his love clearly and give us some inspiration on how to personalise the wedding.
Indian Groom Styling Tips

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Ishleen Kaur has been a fashion enthusiast for years now and has explored fashion in India and Milan. She loves the uncertainty and excitement that comes with every couture season and looks forward to keeping up with trends. It gives her a chance to play with contemporary fashion while making it a part of her own personal style statement. What she enjoys more is dressing up grooms and brides for their big day, because this special day only comes once and the centrestage should look wondrous in reality and in photographs. 
You can know more about Ishleen Kaur here

Feature Image: Richa Kashelkar on Instagram

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