Last weekend was surely a fructifying experience. Especially because our ShaadiWish fairy attended an essential makeup class and took important notes to share with the rest of you ladies. We were in a session with Makeup By Shagun who ensured that we learnt handy tips while answering our makeup woes.
We can proudly say that nailing the Glam look for a night out isn’t far fetched and totally conquerable for us now. Shagun started off with an easy day look and transformed that into the night look, to save us the time and effort.
It seemed fairly easy, (will know better when we actually try it out and ace that selfie) but might I say the biggest take back from the class were the nushke which we could have only discovered listening to the instructions live. Here it goes,

1. If you are using your fingers to apply the concealer or foundation, make sure to use the Index finger to apply the product on the face but use the ring or the middle finger to blend because you need to ensure there is less pressure being applied to avoid it from getting soaked in.

Delhi Makeup Artist Makeup By Shagun

2. You can use a Juda pin or even the back of a makeup brush to apply kajal into the eyes when you are looking for a clean defined look.

3. Use an orange concealer to hide darkness (dark circles, corner of the lips etc) and green concealer to hide redness (pimples, acne marks etc)

4. A makeup Palette for mixing different products is very crucial so that you can get an even blend of the products and also remember mixing it on your hand isn’t that ideal, since it’s ultimately skin and will soak in the products.

Delhi Makeup Artist Makeup By Shagun

5. A BeautyBlender is a savior for every girl’s makeup woes. Apply foundation with a brush but blend it with a BeautyBlender under your eyes and other delicate parts since brush strokes might show more clearly in these areas.  

6. When using a stick concealer make sure to move the brush strokes upwards while blending on the cheek and when applying anywhere else, blend very gently if you are looking for a softer look, blend lesser if you are looking to imbibe a chiseled look.

7. Remember that while working on the cheekbones, start from below moving towards the eyes. Star with contouring on the visible bone, then move upwards and apply the blush then the highlighter right on top.

Delhi Makeup Artist Makeup By Shagun

8. The perfect direction for the areas for the Blush-on: Halfway to the cheek from the centre of the face moving upwards towards the forehead. Don’t go straight out, it makes your cheeks look more rounded and attracts more attention because of pink rounded cheeks.

9. If you’re considering baking, then using yellow Banana powder is a good idea. But make sure to not bake beyond half an hour, otherwise the face will look too white. Also do this before you start working on your eyes so you can clean up the spillage under eye later while brushing off the banana powder, once you are done baking.

10. When applying eyeshadow – Use the desired color on the eyelid, then between the highlighted brow bone and the eyelids make sure to blend with a matt eyeshadow of a shade closer to the skin tone to make this look in sync.

Delhi Makeup Artist Makeup By Shagun

11. Don’t forget to mix duraline with glitter to make sure it sticks well to the eyelids, when going for a glittered look.  

12. For the day, use your matte blush ons as eyeshadow for a fresh look.

13. When applying fake eyelashes, make sure to let the glue dry for a bit before you fix the eyelashes so that it doesn’t move too much in the act.

Delhi Makeup Artist Makeup By Shagun

14. The easiest way to clean makeup brushes is with a solid bar of soap. Just take the brushes and rub it on the soap and wash it after.

Shagun Gupta is a true aficionado of the “natural” look. She believes in transforming the woman by highlighting her best features rather than hiding it. Always keen to learn and explore, she’s one cheerful Makeup artist to work with. You can see her beautiful work on Makeup By Shagun.

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