Real couples are always the biggest source of inspiration for every bride and groom getting married. They are relatable, tried and tested and somehow make it much more easy to imagine how we would look when we dressed like that. If you are the cheesy couple who wants to sync their outfits and compliment each other seamlessly, then you’ve got to read through this and see how you can do that in the most appealing way!

1. Matching The Different Tones In The Outfit.

Getting just one common tone in a single aspect of the ensemble seems like a rather well defined idea. This groom matched the tone of his safa with the dupatta for the bride. Everything else remained exclusive. What a subtle way to show off as one entity.

Image Source: Cup Cake Productions13 on Instagram

2. Picking Vibrant Colors To Stand Out!

This fail-proof trick in which the couple sticks by similar colors for the outfit is always going to work. With one striking color that stands out making it easy for them to match their spirits to each other. In this case, the fuschia pink does the magic.

Image Source: Shades Photography on Instagram

3. Same Colored Outfits.

This is one of the most easiest to pull of combinations and also wonderful. Instead of going in for different hued outfits and then figuring out how to coordinate them, you can just simply sit down with your partner to decide a particular color that will suit both of you. The bride and groom wearing the same navy blue attire with matching golden embroidery color is surely amazing.

Image Source: Dot Dusk Studios on Instagram

4. Matching The Elements In The Outtfit!

This look is soothing to the eyes and also a great way to coordinate if you don’t want to match each and every possible component in the outfits. Rukmani’s tonal dupatta carefully matched with Neil’s jacket color looks immaculate together. Also the bride’s floral jewellery color matches the groom’s embroidery color.

Image Source: The Wedding Story on Instagram

5. Contrasting Groom & Bride’s Outfits!

This one is a bold combination for the groom and the bride. For this you can wear totally different colors outfits yet the contrasting colors talk to each other and look powerful together This bride is wearing an all red lehenga and the groom is wearing a royal blue sherwani but they still look like one unit.

Image Source: Cool Bluez Photography on Instagram

6. Embroidery Element Matched Correctly.

One brilliant way to color coordinate the outfits is the combination of a bright color against a neutral color while the only thing that stands out is the embroidery. If the lehenga is a riot of colors then for this blend to happen the groom should wear a neutral color kurta pajama. Let the embroidery do all the talking.

Image Source: The Wedding Salad on Instagram

7. Same Accents In The Outfits.

Just pick a color theme and then make sure to incorporate that in some way in the outfits. Looking at this couple we surely knows that it works beautifully. The bride’s ivory and emerald green matches the groom’s outfit so well. Just a hint in the embroidery, dupatta and other details.

Image Source: Happy Frames Happy Stories on Instagram

8. Outfits That Look Similar But Are Distinct.

This combination is surely eye catchy. Yuvraj & Hazel matched their outfit in such a beautiful way. The type of design is quite similar but they have their own charm. The ombre effect adds charm to it.The beige in the hem of the Sherwani and the beige in the blouse, give it that dramatic look.

Image Source:

9. Parallel Monochrome.

This classic combination will never fade away. And evidently can be pulled off very smoothly and effortlessly. Sherry Shroff is wearing this plush white lehenga cum gown bridal dress with a cascading fall whereas Vaibhav is wearing a classic black wedding suit and they look nothing less than queen and king. So if you are going monochrome with your husband, make sure to add some distinctive feature to your bridal dress to add more elegance.

Image Source: The Wedding Crasher Official on Instagram

10. Same Color On Top.

One of the best ways to color coordinate is wear the exact same color garment piece. Whether it is the groom’s pajama and bride’s lehenga or just like this couple wore the same orange color kurta and top. If you desperately want to coordinate but find coordination schemes very complicated and puzzling then just coordinate like this conveniently.

Image Source: Bhumi and Simran on Instagram

11. Twinning Patterns.

If you don’t want to go overboard with coordinating outfits then this is a very impressive idea to coordinate. It can also be tonal colors on the similar designs just like this bride and groom. Bride’s dhoti pant has red, mauve and yellow colors prints and the groom’s jacket is coordinating the same tonality of the colors. They both look distinct yet coordinated.

Image Source: The Wedding Salad on Instagram

12. Colorblocking Each Other’s Outfits!

This totally eccentric color coordination speaks loudly. If you are not scared to play risky then try this colorblocked outfits scheme. This bride is wearing a black bodice with colorful embroidery that is perfectly doubling up with the groom’s bright pink kurta and egyptian blue jacket. Her colorful dhoti is also colorblocking against his white dhoti.

Image Source: Happy Frames Happy Stories on Instagram

13. Setting The Same Colors As A Rule.

This is also a very subtle yet very modern color coordination, which looks elegant and at the same time will make the bride and groom stand out. The bride’s chartreuse shade lehenga set is matching the groom’s kurta’s color. They meticulously matched their outer garment pieces. Groom’s brocade jacket is coordinated with the bride’s dupatta border and the combination looked unique.

Image Source: Deo Studios on Instagram

14. Same Story, But Different Ensembles.

This one is a sure shot winner. Sabyasachi co-ordinated couples always look different. The ivory base goes well with the floral details, each translated in it’s own way. The colors and the raw silk fabric compliment each other meticulously.

Image Source: Ashwin Kireet on Instagram

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