We’re always talking about beauty tips for women, but the men these days don’t fall very behind. They’re very keen to better themselves. From their dressing style to their beard shape, you’ll be surprised how men are following trends these days and want to look their best, especially on their wedding day! Here are some tips from an expert who has the first-hand experience with these modern grooms.

1. Groom Glow Is A Thing!

While the bride can choose to enhance her glow with HD highlighters, grooms settle for a more natural option. Apart from routine cleanup, modern grooms command pampering and relaxing facials that focus on cleansing the skin, removing blackheads/whiteheads, and face packs that leave the skin feeling soft and looking fresh. De-tan pack or a face bleach is a perfect way to help brighten the skin for that extra glow!
modern grooms

2. No Unibrow, Bro!

With all the portrait shots and closeup poses, grooms realize how important it is to tweeze or thread their unibrow. Some even opt for basic shaping. It’s pretty much a key element on the face that defines your look. Getting a little clean up never hurt anybody (maybe just a little bit!).

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3. Be A Man, Shape Your Mane!

Gone are the days where grooms would go clean shaved for their big day. The modern groom prefers to keep a beard which gives him a more sophisticated look. The shape of the beard can help emphasize the jawline or bring out features to compliment the face. Much time is given in deciding the shape of the beard and the planning starts way before.
modern grooms

4. Good Hair Day, Every Single Day!

With back-to-back functions, a lot of styling products are used on a groom’s hair, this in result can cause dryness and hair fall. Hair spas or rituals that focus on densifying the hair and strengthening the scalp are quite popular as a prep regime. Some even opt for monthly sittings as it’s also a very relaxing experience.

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5. Manicures Are A Must!

When the exchange of rings happens, all eyes are on the hands! Guests will anxiously be waiting to judge the groom’s level of hygiene (and his personality) by the health of his hand and fingernails. The new age groom knows this! On the day of the engagement, grooms usually come in for a manicure for fresh and tidy looking nails, and why shouldn’t you?
modern grooms

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6. A Little Makeup Can Be Magical!

Concealing dark circles, scars, and marks on the face helps make the man look camera ready and of course complementing his bride who is also beautified! This is accompanied by basic foundations to even out skin tones and fade away any blemishes in the skin. Not much, now is it?

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7. Bring A Mate Or More!

None of the above is complete without their favorite bro(s) getting the pampering sessions alongside. Modern grooms have modern groomsmen, who understand the importance of grooming to make them look good and feel good for the festivities. So, make a day out of this!
Nandini Bhatia Puri, the franchise partner of Geetanjali Salon in GK-1 M block, gives us insights into the trends in Beauty vis-a-vis Indian men.
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