A multi-faceted man, Harpreet Singh a.k.a Harp Farmer is making headlines as the Blogger of the week, essentially why? Well, because we’re in love with him.   
His intense brown eyes, the enamoring smile, the rumpled hair, dapper style and of course the fact that this genius comes from our very own Punjab puts him on top of our list. Also, in addition he is quite the rare gem when it comes to Male bloggers in India.
Harp Farmer isn’t just redefining style for young Indian men all over the world, he is also making music & movies, creating unbelievably real portraits, modelling in the Khet while making farming cool. He is a bold inspiration for the very reason that he doesn’t dress up in fancy designer clothes but instead shows up in his raw form in full confidence.

The way he tells the story of Punjab, we get reminded of the sweetest smells, warmest moments, beautiful cultures and sublime humans. All of this while he dresses up in the nicest outfits and strikes a pose for the camera, which by the way is his first love.
The juxtapose of rural Punjab and his #2017 fashion gives us delightful photographs and convinces us of his offbeat imagination. He’s got the charm of a voyager but he belongs to the desi land and for that we’re very proud. Wear your smile so lovingly and naturally in your wedding pictures, there isn’t a need to be very posed. Give it your own personal touch, whatever you decide to wear.
Take a look at this gorgeousness! *SIGH*

Looking gleeful amongst the #lehdephull

How can you miss that suede jacket and the discerning black hat!

Doing the local tours, Ganne ke Khet.

He makes camouflage and orange cool so voguish.

And denim on a linen kurta, our new favorite combination.

White Shirt, suspenders and that starched moustache, channeling the inner Louis XVII.

He represents the farmers in such different facets, the real wealth of Punjab.

Walking around Melbourne with that home crotched bag and that enchanting attitude.

Those intense eyes and the bright Makai floor.

Harp Farmer The First, as he captions it too. He does Vintage so well!

The patent Gehu stem and the rustic phone. What a wonderful composition.

That surely did make you smile. Didn’t it? Pastels + Black, and those Mojaris.

His Instagram is a total treat, and his Youtube channel soulful!

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