On our biggest day, we’re looking for our most precious people to be around us. Sometimes, these people are also non-humans. A chance to get your favorite four legged animal involved at the wedding sounds like a perfectly normal idea these days. Here are some aww-dorable ways to have them by your side when you tie the knot!

1. Let your little pooch be a part of all the ceremonies from mehendi to sangeet so he gets to be by your side all day long!

Image Source:  Flgroe Studios on Instagram

2. Shower him with special attention by dedicating the wedding cakes in his name.

Image Source: The Wedding Chamber on Instagram

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3. Involve them in your pre-wedding shoot!

Image Source:  Pixelstory.in on Instagram

4. Have an individual photoshoot by engaging him with his favourite food.

Image Source:  Lifeworks Studios on Instagram

5. Dress them according to the theme and let them flaunt their outfits.

Image Source:  WeddingNama By Ankita and Akash on Instagram

6.  Let your beloved one be a part of your bridal entourage and help you dress up!

Image Source:  Lin & Jirsa Photography on Instagram

7. Have a personalized picture of the two of you for your bedside table.

Image Source:  Anubhuti Sharma on Instagram

8. The best bridesmaids to have by your side!

Image Source: COLOR BLIND PRODUCTIONS on Instagram

9. Add a pop of color with a bright colored bow-tie for a simple, eye-catching look for your pup.

Image Source: Flutter Magazine on Instagram

10. Talk to him and kiss him goodbye just like this bride.

Image Source: wear what wear on Instagram

11. Just pick the munchkin up and curl him in your arms and get a perfect picture perfect clicked for a lifetime to cherish!

Image Source: Kismis Ink- Mariana & Khalid on Instagram

12. This family portrait is all smiles, with the couple’s pup taking over the front seat.

Image Source: Artistic Affairs NY on Instagram

13. A simple traditional scarf is a great way to give your pet a wedding-ready look that they won’t like. Don’t forget to shower them with all the love and kisses just like this bride.

Image Source: COLOR BLIND PRODUCTIONS on Instagram

14. Let your little pooch be the official announcer. He won’t say no for sure.

Image Source: Rodin the Dog on Instagram

15. Say cheese! Let the little one enjoy just like this buddy who can’t contain his excitement for the big day beaming with a tongue-wagging smile!

Image Source: Wedamor on Instagram

16. Have your little ball of fur dressed up according to the theme to let him blend in.

Image Source: Vaijayanti Varma on Instagram

17. Have your beloved dog to be a part of your wedding baraat and welcome the guests.

Image Source: Inderjeetgill on Instagram

18. Put them in a sherwani and let them have their moment!

Image Source: WeddingNama By Ankita and Akash on Instagram

19. Make him a part of the wedding album in every way possible. Wrap him in a safa and get this baraati going.

Image Source: Plush Affairs on Instagram

20. Involve them in your pre-wedding shoot. Want a cute save-the-date? then your pet is the ultimate messenger.

Image Source: Stuck In A Moment Productions on Instagram

21. This bride snuggles up to her little kitten for their private moment.

Image Source: DreamWeavers Photography on Instagram

22. The comfort of having them by your side on your happy day is incomparable.

Image Source: Ramit Batra Photography

23. The Vidaai isn’t complete until they give you a warm hug.

Image Source: Iconic Pictures on Instagram

24. When they love to stay close and keep you safe!

Image Source: Ramit Batra Photography

25. They’re always around to add a little extra dose of cuteness to every frame.

Image Source: Ramit Batra Photography  

Feature image : Safarnama Films

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