While every wedding function is special, your mehendi ceremony will definitely be the most meaningful. It is on this day that you will start to metamorphose into a bride. Be warned, you will probably let out a few loud sobs as soon as the ceremony starts.
But besides the overwhelming emotions that will flow with the same ease as the henna, the mehndi is also the most chilled out function. You will dance, you will sing, you will gossip and the best part is that you will be waited on hand and foot. So this fun function deserves a super fun outfit. To help you, I have listed a few things to keep in mind before you go shopping.

1. Be Bright And Beautiful.

While there are so many bright colours to choose from.Vivid pinks, lime greens and traditional yellows are the most vibrant and will really make you stand out in all those selfies and instagram posts.

2. Have Fun With Silhouettes.

I’m a fan of wearing light layers and experimenting with different silhouettes and textures. Since you might have to be traditional on your wedding day, turn up the fun on your mehendi and choose from dhotis, ghararas, draped skirts, or cold shoulder maxis.

3. Choose A Light and Carefree Ensemble.

Don’t weigh yourself down with heavy, fussy outfits. The mehendi is a day for you to relax, dance and enjoy yourself. Pick lighter fabrics, easy fits and anything that isn’t too much to manage.

4. Mix ‘em And Match ‘em.

A gheredar lehenga with a funky crop top is feminine and sassy. This outfit will also make great ‘twirling’ videos. You can also think of wearing a long kurta with pants to be comfortable on the day.

5. Bring Your Personality To Life!

Whether it’s funky and bold or traditional with a modern spin, the mehendi is the perfect function to wear something that is a 100 percent you. Don’t settle until you find that match.

6. Be Super Comfortable!

Remember that you will be sitting for long periods of time, which is why it’s extremely important to feel comfortable without having to adjust your outfit every two minutes.

7. Add Some Quirk.

Whether it’s a multicolored skirt, offbeat drape, cute bird motifs or pom pom and tassels, a little quirk will go a long way.  Oh, and don’t worry about being over the top, you’re the bride. You can do what you want!
But ladies, outfit aside, let your hair down, dance like no one’s watching, laugh your heart out and take in every single beautiful moment.
Taniya is colourful, unconventional, and bursting with life, much like her fabulous label. She is brimming with ideas for every function and works with you to ensure that each of your outfits is unique and every bit you. You can see more of her beautiful work here or look for Ayinat official on Instagram.

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