Enough and more has been said about the romance that is known as Sabyasachi. Every bride, far and beyond cannot stop dreaming about his enigmatic creations for her big day. Embraced in a classic Sabyasachi ensemble is the one thing she imagines. It’s not just an honorary claim. The connection begins the moment your gaze falls upon the intricate embroideries, the orphic hues, the meticulously hand painted pieces carefully put together that have the power to give add that rapturous appeal.
Sabyasachi Mukherjee has been ruling the Indian designer scene for almost two decades now. His love for hand block prints have brought about a fresh landscape in the textiles design in India and abroad. Being on the edge when it comes to choosing the silhouettes, the Sabya magic actually lies in the delicate detailing that every garment reveals.
Bollywood stars have enwrapped themselves in a Sabya at least once in their lives, and the social media increases by a few hundred posts everyday with brides showing off their Sabyasachi style to the world, entering the wall of fame.

It was almost a reflex action to have selected this dilettante in our #ShaadiWishSelects category. His ever wonderful artistic sense combined with our favourite festival, weddings have transformed the desires in both women and men and of course the photographers who love to capture this alluring aura.
As part of this exclusive arena called the #ShaadiWishSelects, our endeavour is to give our readers hand picked impressions from artists worldwide.
If you would like to be featured on #ShaadiWishSelects please use this hashtag and our editors will connect with one of you around the world every week.

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