In this week’s #ShaadiwishSelects, we present to you an unexampled jewellery brand, ISHARYA. Inspired by the Californian philosophy of art, blended with Indian adroitness, Isharya gives the world beautiful starry pieces that draws the paparazzi. The carefully coined collections have adorned Bollywood stars and have managed to convince the rest of us about the rarity of these jewels.
Gauri & Radhika Tandon called their homemade brand “Isharya” which is actually a combination of their kids names – Ishaan, Armaan and Arya.
Modern heirloom as it seems, the Temple Muse collection stand out for the way the light weight japanese cotton pearls marry the delicate filigree in blazing lapis Lazuli, girlish tints of pastel quartzite, amazonite and marcasites along with gold plated brass.

The cascading earrings and the laser cut resin cuffs steal the show giving the jet setting woman something to dream about.
You can browse through more of these exquisite pieces right here.
As part of this exclusive arena called the #ShaadiWishSelects, our endeavour is to give our readers hand picked impressions from artists worldwide.
If you would like to be featured on #ShaadiWishSelects please use this hashtag and our editors will connect with one of you around the world every week.

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