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You’ve found the man, now it’s time to choose the perfect ring too! A ring that’s going to decorate your hands for the rest of your life.
What better way then getting real-time inspiration from brides who’ve recently got hitched? These brides surely picked out the ring that suits their style, which one is yours?
Scroll down and find the perfect one.

Dear Men, Take a hint from these 50 gorgeous styles endorsed by real women all over the world.

1. This cushion cut diamond is everything- classy, royal, unique and effortlessly elegant!

 Image Source: Divya Henna

2. The lovely petals adorning this engagement ring is making us fall in love with its femininity and charm!

Image Source: Dot Dusk Studios

3.  Oval cut diamond complemented by a stack of gold bands is such an alluring sight!

Image Source: Melissa Tyson Designs

4. Love bands for your “platinum day of love!”

Image Source: Amar Inderdjiet Photography

5. Play around with a thin band to make your usual square ring a bit more modern and unique!

Image Source: Soozana Pvan

6. The classic diamond with a delicate band looks intimate and soft!

Image Source: Single Stone

7. There’s something really vintage and timeless about this distinctive design!

Image Source: Salwa Photography

8. Colour is a fun way to put a personal touch to your engagement ring giving it a tender appeal!

Image Source: Gabriel & Co.

9. The whimsical cuts marry the blues so beautifully! 

Image Source: Biyani Photography

10. This three gemstone engagement ring is a timeless look! Quite simple in style and easy to carry off!

Image Source: Paran Singh Photography

11. In all the bridal details, what’s standing out is that blue sapphire with the halo!

Image Source: Wedding Documentary

12. An oval cut diamond ring with a border & the studded band adds such grace to her charisma!

Image Source: Sarah Bradshaw

13. The naturalistic design of this ring exemplifies the artistry of the craftsman! 

Image Source: Christina Klas

14. It’s all about the bands! The multiple stacked up bands are being quite the trend these days!

Image Source: Romesh Dhamija Productions

15. This elegant band in asymmetrical designs and intricate details goes well with her persona! 

Image Source: Google

16. This rock with a sparkling halo is magnificent! 

Image Source: Bhumi & Simran Photography

17. The unique floral design is for the uber feminine one! 

Image Source: Sawant Photography

18. Miss Style Fiesta’s square band looks splendid with those sharp edges!

Image Source: Miss Style Fiesta

19. This adorable princess cut ring adds a little drama with its twisted design of diamonds!

Image Source: Lincoln Engagement Photography

20. The fusion of the diamond’s versatile cut is impeccable!  

Image Source: The Cheesecake Project

21. That fabulous ring is surely going to make a blockbuster statement! 

Image Source: Melissa Long Photography

22. The beauty of this picture couldn’t be described in words, the ruby looks exquisite! 

Image Source: Maharani Weddings

23. Show off your bling with this resplendent diamond, standing out from the rose gold!

Image Source: The Wedding Story

24. This pear-shaped diamond is totally blowing us away with its whimsical beauty!

Image Source: Maharani Weddings

25. The bride’s classic solitaire ring with the tiny diamonds adds subtle glamour to her hands. 

Image Source: Romesh Dhamija Productions

26. This open-setting ring is catching our attention with that gorgeous standout stone!

Image Source: Le Cape Weddings

27. The pretty square diamond complemented by the tiny diamonds looks so simple yet classy!

Image Source: Pooja Joseph Photography

28. The stunning halo ring is perfect when you want your bride to say “YES”. 

Image Source: The Knot

29. The delicate little touch of diamonds on the thin band is making the gemstone pop out beautifully!

Image Source: Pooja Joseph Photography

30. A bride is incomplete without her bedazzle! The gleaming diamonds is stealing our heart! 

Image Source: Paran Singh Photography

31. This single stone style solitaire is for the bride who likes classy! 

Image Source: Sneha Mohanty

32. The twisted shapes are in vogue currently and adds a special designer detail to the traditional style!

Image Source: Pooja Joseph Photography

33. The bold patterns on the ring are setting it a class apart, you can’t go wrong with a platinum band!

Image Source: Maharani Weddings

34. The intertwining strands of diamonds joining the tiny diamonds studded in the circle looks delightful!

Image Source: Le Cape Weddings

35. The double-stranded thin layers of diamonds are making giving it a fancy design element, setting it apart from the rest!

Image Source: Aman Gera Photography

36. A perfectly crafted standout stone is less about influencing others and more about bringing happiness to yourself!

Image Source: Josh Wong Photography

37. The faint shine of the intricate ring and the graceful mehendi makes for such a great combination!

Image Source: Wedding Documentary

38. Go for something offbeat with this cross-band diamond ring!

Image Source: Gabriel & Co. On Instagram

39. Geometric designs are the new trendsetters, chic and subtle!

Image Source: Wedding Documentary On Instagram

40. How lovely and relaxing is this picture, henna hands adorned by the pretty embellished ring!

Image Source: Wedding Documentary

41. The splendidly structured ring glazing like a star!

Image Source: Biyani Photography

42. A diamond glistens the most against red and gold, the details are taking our breath away!

Image Source: Romesh Dhamija Productions

43. The flower encrusted in the bed of diamonds lend an extra element of eye-catching shape to a ring!

Image Source: Biyani Photography

44. The minimal look of the precious stone in square shape creates an effect of muted shimmer!

Image Source: Sabrina Hall

45. This vintage style ornate band with a little centerpiece is taking the old-style bands to new a level of style!

Image Source: CoolBluez Photography

46. The picture speaks of commitment and love, and that’s what your engagement ring should symbolize.

Image Source: Aman Gera Photography

47. The simple band of diamonds speaks for the ‘Just Married’ life!

Image Source: Photos By Kintz

48. Diamonds possess an unparalleled elegance no matter in what shape and size it comes!

Image Source: Le Cape Weddings

49. Even in its simplicity, the square-shaped diamond stands out!

Image Source: The Crimson Bride

50. How exclusive is this ring with its unique design, gemstone surrounded by flowers!

Image Source: Bhumi & Simran Photography

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