Dedicated to a regular couple who aren’t already married but constantly pretend like they are. They fight, they vent, they discuss every teeny tiny detail of their lives, sometimes saying too much! From talks of work day to gossip about random people, their day is incomplete without a few of these emotional ups and downs.
These conversations can literally be happen anywhere and somehow heightens when you go out for a quite romantic date. Because, that’s what sets you apart, right?
In an idiosyncratic way, you realize that this constant bickering and blabbering is what makes you fall in love with your partner even more. In these moments, you understand the difference between fairytales and real love. Real love is all about embracing your partner while they are ranting away about silly things, pouring their heart out.
Finding normalcy in the most melodramatic way.
And then suddenly, one fine day, you know you’re ready to take this to the next level. You want to make this a permanent feature in your life, because, you can’t live without this person.
In the midst of all this, You go down on your knees and ask her to be yours. All those thoughts, the bad mood, the impassioned speech comes to a halt and she melts like jelly in your arms. You’ve got the girl and you’ve made her happy. Waiting to enjoy this this silly jibber-jabber for the rest of your life. 
This woman is you and the man, well, we’re in love with this man. 
Watch this video and envision your proposal. We’re dreaming already!
PS: For every man who is planning to propose to his woman soon, you better be taking notes!

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