Valentine’s is all about doing something special with your beloved, celebrating this precious relationship by spending some bonus time together. There are some obvious plans that you may have already thought about. But what if, you take this opportunity and actually find that time in an intimate space, without dressing up to go out for the world. Just the both of you, sitting cosy at home. Here are some creative, romantic ideas for you to soak in the wonder of the day!

1. An Al Fresco Dinner Night!

Since Spring is almost upon us and the weather is bound to be pleasant, dine al fresco. Set a magnificent mood by creating an ambience filled with beautiful lanterns, lamps and candles. Plan a barbeque at your terrace over some grilled stuff and side vegetarian dishes, grab a bottle of champagne and enjoy the beautiful weather. Food, drinks and the love of your life and candles, for the extra warmth – what’s not to like?

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2. Wine & Cheese Around The Fireplace!

Real conversations not only start over a cup of coffee but they can also start over a sumptuous cheese platter, paired with your favourite wine! If you have a fireplace in your house, you can definitely set the mood for a romantic evening and hang some tea lights around the living room. This is intimate, gives the right feelings and will definitely bring you closer.

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3. Movies, Mush and Us!

We all agree, that age old romantic movies always work their magic. From Notting Hill, Roman Holiday to The Notebook, and of course our favourite 90’s Bollywood movies.
Bring in some popcorn, a warm blanket. pour some hot chocolate topped with marshmallows & take a pick. Relive those movies again. It’s sure to leave you smiling and getting intimate too.

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4. Direct Your Own Love Story!

We are all fond of clicking pictures and posting them instantly on Instagram but why not make a video together? Play a fun game, in which you both say things about each other that makes you laugh, their better qualities and your fondest memories. Capture them in a video and create wonderful memories. It’s something you are going to cherish for times to come.

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5. Propose All Over Again!

Add an element of surprise by planning a treasure hunt. Place sweet notes around the house and let your partner seek them. Heart shaped post it stickers, adorable messages and papers filled with cryptic clues, it’s going to be one exciting journey. The reward is totally worth it, so don’t worry about the planning process!

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6. The Game Night For Two!

Get a couple of beers or keep it merry with wine. Bring in the snacks and some interesting board games along. Try Bananagrams, Chess, Cluedo or Darts. For the couples who love the real talk – try the Trivia Quiz and see how well you know each other. To make it more fun, share embarrassing stories of each other from the past. Have small prizes for every correct answer to make it exciting! Try games with extra movement like Twister or even Tug of War.

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7. Some Karaoke Fun!

For the couples who love merrymaking, sing your heart out, dedicate songs to each other. Find different versions of songs on Youtube and pick the songs you want to sing!  You can find some awesome Karaoke tools online on Amazon. Order it in time for your date night and have fun when it arrives!

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8. Get Grooving On The Dance Floor!

Put on your favourite music and dance the night away. Dim down the lights, turn up the volume and dance closely in your own private gala! If you’re the couple who likes to do some slow dancing but rarely get random doing it in public, here is your chance. It only brings you closer, creating a happy space to share.

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9. The Hot Out Of The Oven Kinda Thing!

Plan a baking day together, if both of you like cooking. It’s a messy deal but kind of in the right way. Making the batter, picking ingredients that you both enjoy and finally tasting the end result of what you made together sounds like an ideal plan. Either way, no celebration is complete with it. You can get a few icing ideas from the internet to make something fancy.


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