The man made a commitment to his friends before he asked her to marry him. They have been around forever. They’ve seen him grow up, laughed at him and have played their favourite sports together. It’s now time to showcase their love to the universe. In perfect symmetry and synchronization, these groomsmen are giving us serious friendship goals. So sassy and so rebellious.
We’ve picked our favourite groomsmen photoshoot ideas, time to find your theme too?

Check Out Unique Groomsmen Photoshoot Ideas:

1. The Turmeric Tales & The Shy Smiles! A Traditional Shoot for Groomsmen.   

grooms men photoshoot ideas, indian groom

Image Credits: Wedding Documentary Photography

“ This traditional colour not just added vibrancy to the pictures, it also made us celebrate our strong camaraderie.”

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2. When The Red Flower Sparks A Conversation!   

groomsmen, groomsmen photoshoot ideas

Image credits: Our Labour Of Love Wedding Photography

“We thought, keeping it black and white will make his blue suit stand out, the dash of red was his idea.”

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3. Pink, It’s My New Obsession! These Groomsmen in Pink Are Making Us Envious. 

groomsmen, groomsmen photoshoot ideas, bow tie

Image credits: Kristi Odom Photography

“We have colourful hearts, then why should our clothes be black & white. Not one person had a doubt about it.”

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4. We Agree We’re Too Cool For School! From School To Groomsmen.. 

groomsmen, groomsmen photoshoot ideas

Image credits: Shutterstock

“While growing up together, if there was one thing we couldn’t leave behind, it was our passion for music, friendship and our love for being rebels together.”

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5. We Are Same Same But Different. These coordinated Groomsmen Are Too Cool. 

groomsmen, indian groom, groomsmen photoshoot ideas

Image Credits: Shutterstock

“ All I said to them was don’t forget to carry your swagger wherever you go, and clearly, they knew what I was talking about!”

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6. Cropped Pants & A Wicked Style! These Groomsmen Are Too Cool To Handle. 


Image Credits: Apple Brides

“Man pants are a thing of past, we believe in sneakers, shorts and a whole lot of chilling out.”

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7. We’re All Just Superheroes Hiding Beneath This Skin! Superheros Themed Groomsmen Shoot Anyone?

groomsmen, groomsmen photoshoot ideas

Image Credits: Maharani Weddings

“These men are like my superpowers, giving me strength when I needed, helping me through life’s obstacles, and it was now time to reveal that.”

8. When India Meets The World! These Groomsmen in Complete Sync Is So Cute.

groomsmen photoshoot ideas

Image Credits: Maharani Weddings

“ We chose this colour, because it’s hard to find shirts in this color in this part of the world. Apparently, we did a good job with it.”

9. The Classy & Timeless Gentlemen!


Image Credits: Still Music Wedding Photography

“We believe in the simplicity of the old-fashioned classics. Without a doubt, our first choice was the peach roses.”

10. The Last Minute Hero?

groomsmen, groomsmen photoshoot ideas

Image Credits: Shutterstock

“There had to be some fun element in our clothes, we found a pack of 6 socks at the store, perfect for us.”

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