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Website Average Time Spent Per View

2.5 Million

Targeted number of monthly eyeballs


Average month on monh viewership growth since 17th april launch

100% Transparency

When we say blog content, you will know the minutest detail of who all read it, review it & it was targeted to.

wedding vendor dashboard
Strategic live partner dashboard

Exhaustive up-to-the-minute review of all activity on your profile & blogs: visits, likes, queries et al.

wedding vendor feedback
Candid Queries + Leads + Feedback

Unambiguous access for all your patrons to reach out directly to you. Zero Delay.

signatue shaadi
Signature Shaadis: Editor's Choice

Privileged partnership with SW for endorsement in the most extravagant weddings of the season.

wedding vendor market
Only Targeted Market Reach

Focused approach to not get missed by select clientele. Media spent on your content or campaigns very strategically, effectively and yet very prominently.

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